Australian cricketer David Warner played his last Test on Saturday at the Sydney Cricket Ground, finishing with a half century to help Australia to victory and a clean sweep of the series against Pakistan.

It was a fitting end to a swashbuckling career. He outlasted multiple, more orthodox fellow openers, and was “controversial” for the same reason Shane Warne was “controversial”, ie he represented the blonde, blue eyed White Anglo working class so despised by the elites.

Intriguingly, he got his lost baggy green back just before the Sydney Test after making a public appeal.

David Warner has been reunited with his baggy green cap after he announced it had gone missing ahead of his final Test appearance for Australia.

Cricket Australia (CA) said the baggy green was found packed in a bag at the team’s Sydney hotel….

Warner made a public plea for the return of his beloved baggy green and a back-up cap on Tuesday after it was believed they went missing in transit between Melbourne and Sydney.

CA said it was unsure how Warner’s caps were returned to the team hotel.

“The bag in which they were packed was found at the team hotel [in Sydney], with all the contents inside,” CA said in a statement.

“The movements of the missing bag are unknown despite extensive searches and the review of CCTV footage at multiple locations and the efforts of numerous parties since Tuesday.”

CA chief executive Nick Hockley said it was a “huge relief”.

On Tuesday, Warner issued a video message on Instagram announcing his cap had gone missing.

“A couple of days ago, our bags got freighted via Qantas. We’ve gone through CCTV footage, they’ve got some blind spots apparently,” he said.

The Baggy Green got Epsteined.

“We spoke to the Quay West Hotel, who we absolutely trust and have gone through their cameras. No-one’s come into our rooms.

“But unfortunately, someone has taken my backpack out of my actual luggage, which had my backpack and my girls’ presents in there, inside this backpack was my baggy green.

“It’s sentimental to me, it’s something I would love to have back in my hands walking out there come this week.”

Hockley asked anyone with information to come forward so Warner could “proudly wear his cap for a final time at the SCG”.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese also publicly called for Warner’s baggy green to be returned.

Reading between the lines, and judging by the suppressed smirk on Warner’s face when he mentioned the “freight company”, somebody from the freight company stole his baggy green, then returned it when they realised it would be of no value to them.

Although of “sentimental” value to Warner, it would undoubtedly fetch a lot of money should he or his family choose to auction it. However with the entire country from the PM down looking for it, it became worthless to the thief. The only people to whom the baggy green would be valuable are people who value Australian test cricket, its history and its culture. Nobody who respects Australian cricket would buy a stolen baggy green. It’s modernity’s equivalent of stealing an Anzac’s medals.

This tells us something about economic value. Commodities and currency are considered valuable due to a collective agreement regarding their value. Culture is an influence on this collective agreement, to the point that if a cultural norm is transgressed, an object can lose its value.

This is important because for many years Conservative Inc. maintained that support for the free market is the sole factor which determines whether or not you are right wing. For those who don’t buy this tosh, Conservative Inc funds an entire industry of think tanks and social media personalities to convince us that vague terms such as “conservative values” and “Western culture” spring organically from the magic dirt of Europe.

They do not want White people to follow the breadcrumbs to the knowledge that culture is race. Culture is bound up in our very biology, our shared history, ancestry and customs.

It is in our blood.

This in turn matters because Australians are being deliberately replaced through mass immigration and forced multiculturalism. If you change the racial demographics of Australia you change Australian culture (to the point that a baggage handler would even think of stealing a baggy green.)

This is not simply the product of the Anglophobic Marxism of the left and self interested ethnic lobbying, but also the Godless, extremist greed of Conservative Inc. The financial elite favours maintaining the immigration Ponzi at the expense of ordinary Aussies.

They want Australians and the foreigners they traffic here to live as paupers.

The Liberal Party is in lockstep with this. They are on the mass replacement immigration bandwagon, the “climate change” bandwagon and the groomer bandwagon.

They will jump ship to the “change-the-date” bandwagon too as soon as demographic changes deem it electorally viable. If we want to maintain our culture and defend our race we must destroy the Liberal Party.

As for David Warner I wish him all the best. On my one visit to the SCG I watched him score a century before lunch on the first day. As for his replacement, I’ve been saying it for years – put Glenn Maxwell in at number 5.

This article was first published in XYZ