Whenever the left suffers a cultural defeat, they always exact a price. Corporate Australia was in lockstep with far left governments and Anglophobic extremists during the “voice” referendum. After its spectacular defeat in which nearly 60% of the country voted against it, they’re out for revenge.

The latest front in the Permanent Culture War opened last week when Woolworths and Aldi announced that they would no longer stock Australia Day merchandise. This is despite their regular celebrations of foreign festivals in store.

This prompted well justified fury from the Australian public with calls for a boycott leading to a drop in Woolworths’ share price.

Sniffing the opportunity to signal his patriotism to ordinary Australians, Peter Dutton joined in the boycott call. Naturally, after opening a new front in their Permanent Culture War against White people, the far left accused Dutton of starting a culture war for daring to oppose them.

The irony is that the Liberal Party and the Labor Party are on the same side of the Culture War. The Liberal’s extremist mass immigration policy only appears moderate compared to the even more extremist mass immigration policy of Labor.

The demographic replacement which this entails highlights the absurdity of Tom Keneally’s claim that if Australia doesn’t become a Republic we will be a “pretend nation”. Under Globohomo rule this country has become merely an economic zone, in which multiple ethnicities reside as mini-nations within their own enclaves in the coastal cities. Politicians compete for the electoral support of these foreign communities while forcefully denying native Anglos any political representation of our group interests.

The arrogance of attempting to force another elite agenda on a public which so resoundingly rejected the most recent elite agenda demonstrates that our rulers simply don’t care what we think. Local councils demonstrated this fact in previous weeks, with over 80 cancelling Australia Day celebrations. Hilariously, one local councillor attempted to disguise their Anglophobic bias by pretending that the date had been moved several days later due to concerns over the heat.

Naturally, the ABC made no attempt to hide their bias on New Year’s Eve when they deliberately targeted extremist anti-White propaganda at children.

The Western Australian government last week spectacularly proved correct the so-called “conspiracy theory” that the “voice” would lead to the theft of land, glibly giving 8 percent of WA land over to aborigines. Even Australia’s High Commissioner in Great Britain is getting in on the act, cancelling an annual Australia Day fundraiser.

We all know that on Australia Day, hundreds of antiwhite Anglophobes will swarm the streets of our capital cities to defile our national day. However, we have barely heard a peep out of them yet. Governments, corporations and “cultural elites” are essentially providing the cultural artillery barrage throughout January before they send in their shock troops on Australia Day.

Ordinary Aussies who recognise our rulers’ open ambivalence are taking constructive action to assert our culture in the public space. A host of pro-White advocates are celebrating Australia Month.

Basically, if the Anglophobes are going to spend every January offending, insulting, humiliating and intimidating White Australians, then we’re going to make the whole of January Australia Month rather than only celebrating Australia Day on the 26th.

Even official Australia Day celebrations should be boycotted, as they have been inverted into multicultural festivals rather than celebrations of Real Australians and our culture.

Another action ordinary folk can take is to run for local council. If far left extremists can get elected, then ordinary Aussies who just want our country back can too. It takes dedication and hard work – ie going to the same street corner every weekend and listening and talking to people.

Stephen Wells advocates precisely this approach:

“It is through local councils that we have the best chance to peacefully resist the increasing tyranny we face. It is the one place where people vote voluntarily and where they vote for a person and not a political party. The number of votes required to get elected is massively less than State and Federal elections and you have the ability to meet each and everyone of the people needed to vote for you (so you can succeed) personally. Nor will you be fighting MSM and Corporations.

“If you get a handful of friends to stand for election with you, then you have the chance to get the balance of power in your local council.

“Once in local government hardly anyone will pay attention to what you are doing. If you are a communist, this means you can implement Globalist policies into your community with absolute impunity. If you are a person of integrity, it means you can stop such plans simply by saying “NO!” on a regular basis.”

When Wells ran for his own local council last year, the Lying Press had a complete meltdown. While they spent several weeks decrying him as a faaaarrrrrrrr rrrrrrright extemist, a host of other ordinary Aussies opposed to government tyranny got elected to local councils, so the Lying Press had another meltdown.

I’ll finish with my personal favourite meme of the moment. I love that the phrase “always was, always will be” has been appropriated/reclaimed, as it triggers the “well ackchyually” brigade.

Happy Australia Month.

This article was first published at XYZ