All the communists screaming that Australia has to be abolished are forgetting one thing:

As reported by The XYZ, the entire month of January featured a propaganda barrage by the corporate, cultural and political establishment against Australia Day. After a final salvo from sporting codes ….

…. the orks were sent in, desecrating statues of Captain James Cook and Queen Victoria in Melbourne.

That is politically motivated violence, ie terrorism. Another Captain Cook memorial was vandalised on Sunday. On Australia Day itself, after the milquetoast multicultural parades purportedly celebrating Australian “values” were out of the way, hordes of communists, university aboriginals and NPC’s descended on Australia’s capitals to burn the Australian flag and chant “f—- Australia”.

Incredibly, a group of over 60 White Australians were prevented from celebrating our national day and peacefully making political statements in support of Australia Day in Sydney’s CBD. NSW Police unnecessarily diverted an entire trainload of passengers, and even extended the order the next day, for which they were roundly mocked. Bizarrely, the media presented a clearly coordinated narrative, to make it seem like Aussies celebrating their national day is terrorism.

It is worth noting that the communist rally in Melbourne was far smaller than the Freedom rallies in Melbourne a couple of years ago.

The Lying Press instead carried on as though the rallies were an indication of broad public sentiment against Australia Day, ignoring the fact that October’s “voice to parliament” referendum delivered a thumping defeat to Marxist-Aboriginal activists and the corporations who bankrolled them.

As usual after a cultural defeat, the extremist left is carrying on as though nothing happened. If you observe their behaviour though, it is clear that they know they are pushing a deeply unpopular agenda. For example, Woolworths has spun wildly from lie to lie regarding its decision to no longer stock Australia Day merchandise. Initially they provided both a commercial and political excuse for their treachery:

‘There has been a gradual decline in demand for Australia Day merchandise from our stores over recent years,’ Woolworths said in a statement.

‘At the same time, there’s been broader discussion about 26 January and what it means to different parts of the community.’

After rightfully copping severe criticism and a drop in the share price, they shifted lies to insist it was purely a “commercial decision”:

“In terms of merchandising – our commercial decision to not stock specific Australian Day general merchandise was made on the basis of steeply declining sales. The decision to stock this mostly imported merchandise has to be made almost 12 months in advance. So as a business decision, it doesn’t make commercial sense.”

Nobody is buying this nonsense either, which is why they have now lied to their staff regarding the “real” reason they did it:

In the leaked internal letter obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Woolworths Chief Executive Brad Banducci addressed staff about the reasoning behind the decision.

‘Why do we put banners up for other cultural events/days of significance like Lunar New Year or Diwali but not our own national day,’ he wrote to staff.

‘Celebrations like Diwali and Lunar New Year are often centred around connection over food, and as a business we are committed to supporting events and occasions like this for our customers and team.’

They’re not even trying to lie convincingly.

As everybody knows, the real reason Western corporations adopt woke (ie anti-White) policies is because they are forced to by institutional investors whose owners harbour a deep ethnic hatred for Anglos.

We can take heart that if White people didn’t matter anymore, Woolworths apparatchiks wouldn’t bother with the lies, and attempt to distance the company from the permanent Culture War against White people in which they have gleefully conspired.

We still outnumber them.

Anglos are comfortable wolves. During the lockdowns we got a little taste of what we’re capable of when the toilet paper and baby formula run out.

Things are going to get really bad in coming years, as it becomes apparent just how vulnerable the country is to blockade and invasion once America descends into civil war. We’ll then find out what we’re made of.

This article was first published in XYZ