The war drums are beating all over Europe as Globohomo tries to goad Russia into expanding the war, because half a million dead Ukrainians and Russians just isn’t enough blood for Baal.

Globohomo always projects, ie this is how they will create a pretext for a direct NATO war with Russia. Liberal Democracy is the most bloodthirsty ideology on the planet. It must be destroyed if humanity is to survive.

A little hiccup for the warmongers in Washington, Brussels and, well, you know, is that White men will only fight for a White country. It is a problem of their own making – they demonised White men for decades and are brazenly replacing us in our own countries, then wondering why we refuse to fight for Globohomo. Ironically, Morgoth points out that all our new culture enrichers see European wars as a White man’s war. Barring going full-Starship Troopers, Globohomo has no option but to press gang the White guys.

So, they’ve deployed their nudge units in the Lying Press:

We saw this during Covid. The media coordinated their stories to normalise the idea that lockdowns would be extended, facemasks and vaccines would become mandatory etc, then governments would do it. The government and media even admitted that nudging the narrative was exactly what they were doing.

Along with freaking out because we focused too much on convincing little boys to cut off their dicks instead of developing our drone tech, the Australian defence establishment is also pushing the same conscription line:

They just come straight out with it. Prepare for World War 3. This isn’t The XYZ saying this, it’s purportedly serious academics and the mainstream Lying Press:

Australia must consider bringing back conscription to prepare for a potential third World War in the coming decades, a senior defence analyst has warned.

Dr Alexey Muraviev of Curtin University in Western Australia said the current conflicts in eastern Europe and the Middle East could be the spark for a nuclear catastrophe.

‘The primary consideration is on readying countries and coalitions for the possibility of an all-out world war,’ he wrote in an opinion piece for Sky News.

The associate professor of national security said there are ‘several potential flashpoints’ in countries close to Australia, which could lead to ‘open confrontation’.

‘Perhaps it is time for Australia to consider… the return of national service,’ Dr Muraviev said.

Immediately below this line is a picture of a White female soldier.

The subtext could not be clearer; now that we have destroyed your fertility rate, it’s time to finish you off for good.

A report prepared for the Albanese government last year based on top-secret war-gaming exercises found the Australian Defence Force (ADF) would struggle to respond to a plausible scenario, such as China setting up a military base in a nearby Pacific nation.

That would bring the Chinese military within 2,000km of Australia and have major implications for the balance of power in the South Pacific.

‘The question of the ADF’s size came to the fore during Australia’s contingencies in Afghanistan and Iraq, both of which required considerable commitments supported by regular rotations of personnel,’ Dr Muraviev wrote.

‘As the risk of Australia being drawn into a major war increase, we are facing a short window of opportunity to address some of the shortfalls in our defence capability.’

Dr Muraviev is far from the first Australian in recent time to suggest conscription should be brought back.

Here’s the problem. When an Aussie bloke sees that you get arrested for loving your country on Australia Day, whether you’re a member of a nationalist organisation in Sydney intent on counter protesting ferals who hate Australia, or just a normie wearing an Aussie flag hat in the vicinity of Melbourne’s CBD:

Then he sees this video of a soldier being blown up by a drone:

Next he reads that real life lasers could soon be deployed to destroy drones:

Then he reads articles pointing out that it is too dangerous for armoured vehicles to get anywhere near the frontlines in Ukraine because drone and rocket tech is so good, so soldiers have to walk to their trenches and attack without sufficient armoured support. In addition, anti-aircraft technology is so advanced and plentiful that he would have to attack without sufficient air cover.

Said Aussie bloke will conclude that existence on the frontlines will consist of WW1-style human wave charges in a theatre of war in which mines, machine guns, artillery, missiles, drones and lasers are deployed. It follows that he would stand a better chance of survival if he directly resisted conscription in his own country and took measures to end it.

So anyway, why did I use Taylor Swift for the header picture?

The Lying Press has openly admitted that the Taylor Swift PsyOp is not a conspiracy theory.

However, the rabbit hole does not go far enough. When you own the money, you control policy. Thus the rulers of this world care not whether Taylor Swift recruits new Democrats to reelect Biden this October. They care only for war.

Taylor Swift’s real purpose, and the purpose of her totally not fake and gay relationship with American Footballer Travis Kelce, will be to normalise conscription. Ask yourself, why is the media going gaga over an all-White couple all of a sudden?

They want the White guys who won’t go to war to identify with Taylor and Travis. Just like Elvis, Kelce will get drafted, or perhaps “volunteer” for the US army and get sent to Syria or Sweden or whatever. They’ll blackmail him to go using the same compromising footage they used to force him to date a post-Wall Taylor in the first place. He won’t have an option.

Globohomo will calculate that Swifties, SIMPS, and normie conservatives who still think that Taylor Swift represents Christian America will lap it up, and will either volunteer, or not revolt when they get press-ganged into the infantry.

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