Firstly, consider that domestic politics in the current year Australia is basically a matter of managing the indigenous Anglo population while we are systematically and deliberately replaced.

Next, have a look at this week’s tweet from federal One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts:

It was in response to news that Australia’s housing supply is failing to keep up with record demand. Courtesy of MacroBusiness we can summarise the impending disaster in one graph:

Australians are looking at mass homelessness due to mass immigration. Homeless people generally have nothing left to lose. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of Aussies radicalised very quickly. It would be a disaster for the ruling parties.

Now consider the role of One Nation. Aussies vote for One Nation because they think it represents Whites, because Pauline Hanson warned correctly in 1996 that Australia was in danger of being swamped by Asians. Yet it twice rejected Fraser Anning’s proposal for a plebiscite on stopping immigration and the party itself has now been swamped by Asians:

While Labor’s role is to turbocharge mass immigration, and the Coalition’s role is to pretend to disagree with turbocharged mass immigration, One Nation’s role is to pretend to be a farrrrr right party which opposes mass immigration, to prevent normies from looking into actual alternatives to the system.

So, if Malcolm Roberts is flagging net-zero immigration, this indicates that the Overton Window in Australia has shifted dramatically. Mass replacement immigration is hurting the Albanese government.

The only reason the Liberals failed to capitalise at the Dunkley bielection is because they support groomers and everybody is disgusted by them. Regardless, they know it is a good time to at least look like they oppose mass immigration, so they are signalling a policy of reduced immigration at the next federal election:

Thus, One Nation knows it can push further, arguing not simply to cut annual net immigration to a hundred thousand or so, but net zero.

For Whites, this tells us that our activism is working, so keep pushing. It is only a matter of time before remigration becomes a mainstream talking point among the major parties. It already has in Germany.

The AFD is Germany’s biggest party, and any political party in Australia which makes remigration its centrepiece policy will reap similar electoral rewards.

This article was first published at XYZ