Obviously, nobody cares what happens in India. However, the example is instructive.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government today announced rules to implement a 2019 citizenship law that excludes Muslims, weeks before the Hindu nationalist leader seeks a third term in office.

The Citizenship Amendment Act provides a fast track to naturalisation for Hindus, Parsis, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and Christians who fled to Hindu-majority India from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan before December 31, 2014.

The law excludes Muslims, who are a majority in all three nations.

The law was approved by Indian Parliament in 2019, but Modi’s government had held off with its implementation after deadly protests broke out in capital New Delhi and elsewhere. Scores were killed during days of clashes.

The nationwide protests in 2019 drew people of all faiths who said the law undermines India’s foundation as a secular nation.

Muslims were particularly worried that the government could use the law, combined with a proposed national register of citizens, to marginalise them.

Because it is racist to take religious minorities from muslim countries fleeing muslim violence but not let the violent muslims in as well. Is that the logic?

The National Register of Citizens is part of Modi government’s effort to identify and weed out people it claims came to India illegally.

Nice policy you’ve got there… it would be a shame if, say…. Western countries applied the same standard to you…

The register has only been implemented in the northeastern state of Assam, and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has promised to roll out a similar citizenship verification program nationwide.

Modi’s government has defended the 2019 citizenship law as a humanitarian gesture. It argues that the law is meant only to extend citizenship to religious minorities fleeing persecution and would not be used against Indian citizens.

“These rules will now enable minorities persecuted on religious grounds in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan to acquire citizenship in our nation,” Home Minister Amit Shah wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

India’s main opposition Congress party questioned the announcement, saying “the timing right before the elections is evidently designed to polarise the elections.”

LOL, he’s doing a John Howard and pretending to be racist to get elected.

Human rights watchdog Amnesty India in a statement called the law “discriminatory” and said it “goes against the constitutional values of equality and international human rights law.”

It said the law “legitimises discrimination based on religion” and is “exclusionary in its structure and intent.”

Bear in mind, this is a report by the Globalist media, so of course they’re offended. Globalists want to mix all the races in every country together so that everybody is brown and boring and obedient. Meanwhile, every normal Anglo reading this is thinking, why can’t we do what India did?

The word India literally derives from the word hindu. India is defined by the fact that it is a hindu majority nation, and it exists precisely because it is distinct from the muslim majority nations Bangladesh and Pakistan from which it was partitioned. Thus India’s government rightly prioritises the interests of its hindus.

This follows a trend among Asian countries to define themselves as civilisation states, with the understanding that what makes a nation is its people, and their people are defined by blood and religion, not a piece of paper.

Similarly, Australia was founded as a homeland for the White British settlers who built Australia from nothing. The Australian nation was understood to be an integral part of the Anglosphere, we were defined by the very fact that we are a White, Anglo, Christian nation.

The Australian government should prioritise Aussie interests over all others, but in the Current Year we, its people, are put last. Not a single elected politician in the land will explicitly advocate for native Anglos, instead favouring foreigners in their insane commitment to diversity.

There are multiple ironies here:

  • Many foreigners trafficked here by our government insist (when it suits them) that they are Australians, but have a very “exclusionary” definition of what it means to be a member of their own race.
  • While our government insists that the culture of foreigners “enriches” us, it ignores this inconvenient aspect of foreign cultures.
  • While Modi defends the interests of his fellow hindus at home, he aggressively encourages the Indian colonisation of Australia, with the Australian government as his willing accomplice.

Put simply, Australians don’t want any of them – Indians, muslims or our government.

This article was first published at XYZ