Not only did nobody ask for a “voice to parliament”, the entire concept was comprehensively rejected by the Australian people. Despite this, in South Australia, “elections” are taking place this weekend for a state “voice to parliament”:

Their ABC tells us that:

South Australia’s First Nation’s Voice passed Parliament last year, and means the SA Voice now exists in state laws, not the Constitution as proposed by last year’s failed referendum.

Given the current political climate, it is highly unlikely that any state government will ever have the political will to abolish a so-called aboriginal “Voice to Parliament” once it has been legislated. Left wing extremists in state and local governments understand this, so they are pushing ahead with their undemocratic pet project while pretending it is democracy.

Obviously then, they’re doing it in Melbourne too:

Despite Australia overwhelmingly rejecting an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, an inner city council has unanimously voted to establish a similar body.

The City of Melbourne’s 11 councillors voted on Tuesday night to establish a First Nations advisory committee that will ‘participate in the governance of the council’.

According to its draft terms of reference, the committee will ensure ‘First Nations voices and aspirations must be embedded in our core business and decision-making at every level as we strive for reconciliation, recognition, respect and truth-telling’.

When they say “reconciliation, recognition, respect and truth-telling” they mean reparations, separatism and escalating political suppression of Whites.

In South Australia the candidates aren’t even bothering to compete against each other because they know that whoever gets in, they will be able to pressure governments for more free stuff. Moreover once established, a “voice to parliament” will gradually accrue more and more power:

Naturally, they’re not attempting to make logical arguments:

When the No vote won in last year’s referendum, Dawn Likouresis says it was like someone had hit her.

“When they said No I was so emotional. I cried and I thought ‘this is wrong’,” she said.

“It just stopped us in place.”

But Ms Likouresis is still putting her hand up, nominating as a candidate in South Australia’s Voice to Parliament.

Feelings matter more than democracy.

In ClownWorld, “democracy” does not mean what you think it means. It has been redefined to mean institutions like parliaments, courts, committees, NGO’s and the media, so the will of the people no longer matters. If we vote the wrong way, our rulers have several tricks up their sleeve:

– Force us to keep voting until we vote the way they want
– Sabotage election or referendum outcomes through deliberate incompetence so badly that the public doesn’t get what it wants
– Rig the election
– Attempt full spectrum dominance of media and social media so they don’t even have to rig elections
– Imprison populist candidates to keep them out of power

When they claim that opposition to aboriginal identity politics, the climate change hoax, Covid hysteria, or mass immigration is “a threat to our democracy” they’re not lying. It’s a threat to their democracy, not ours.

This article was first published at XYZ