It would have been nice of her to back Fraser Anning’s plebiscite motions in 2018 and 2019, but it is good nevertheless to see this being tabled in parliament.


Pauline Hanson has called back to her now-infamous claims Australia is being “swamped” by Asian immigrants as she renewed calls to halt migration.

Why “infamous”? We have indeed been swamped, Australia is unrecognisable from the one in which Pauline made her maiden speech.

On the day new figures revealed Australia’s migration intake had surged to a record high of 548,800 arrivals in the year to September, threatening the government’s own efforts to ease levels, the senator said the warning she first made almost 30 years ago was proving true.

In an address to the Senate shortly after 9am, the One Nation leader called for a plebiscite to ascertain what Australians believe is an appropriate level of immigration, saying the “majority” did not want a “Big Australia”.

Personally, I have no problem with a Big Australia if the country is full of Australians. Every Anglo family should be having ten kids.

She was supported by her One Nation colleague Malcolm Roberts and United Australian Party senator Ralph Babet but was ultimately defeated in her efforts.

In her speech, she cast minds back to the first speech she made as the Oxley MP in 1996, where she said: “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians”.

“I was called a racist, of course, by the major parties and big media who are in lockstep of a big Australia,” she said on Thursday.

“But today, seven out of the top 10 source countries for immigration to Australia are in Asia – including four out of the top five – and the numbers are out of control.

“Was I right? You’d never admit it. But yes, I am.”

Since the end of lockdowns mass replacement immigration has gotten totally out of control but the government just doesn’t care. It claims we need to make up for the replacement level migration we missed out on during the Covid hoax:

The government has accounted for the migration surge by contending the increase is a one-off event, as a rebalancing in population growth occurs after pandemic-era border closures stalled international arrivals.

Releasing a migration strategy in December last year, Ms O’Neil vowed to put the brakes on the surge in international arrivals.

According to the government’s own forecasts, it anticipates that Australia’s net overseas migration intake will be slashed by 50 per cent in 2025.

Should it be realised, a fall of this size would represent the largest decline in migration in Australia’s history outside of pandemics and world wars.

The hubris of this is breathtaking. Pre-2020, the level of immigration was already insane. The lockdowns actually gave us a chance to breathe. What they’re saying is that next year they will cut things back and pretend that a whopping 300,000 or so net annual migration intake is reasonable.

As Caldron Pool points out, this is immoral. The Noticer reports that Hanson slammed the cowardice of the politicians who refused to support the bill:

Ms Hanson said that those who refused to support her bill were afraid of giving Australians a voice, because they know that a majority of the country does not support mass immigration like they do themselves…

Ms Hanson said the political class were not just ignoring poll after poll showing that the more than 60% of Australians want migration lowered, but that they were ignoring the housing and cost of living crises caused by the record-high influx of immigrants.

“They’re ignoring the huge numbers of people lining up to inspect a single property, desperate to secure a rental. They’re ignoring the growing congestion in our cities,” she said.

“They’re ignoring the families struggling to find the money to pay skyrocketing rents amid our cost of living crisis. They’re ignoring the growing cities of tents, swags and cars as more Australians fall into homelessness and despair.

“One Nation has always championed lower immigration in solidarity with the majority of Australians. On their behalf I am demanding a halt on immigration, and for the government to put the Australian people first.”

MacroBusiness has consistently warned of the housing catastrophe now hitting ordinary Aussies. It can be summarised in one graph.

The Noticer has also reported on the tent cities now springing up in Australia’s major cities. Ordinary working class and middle class Aussies working full time jobs are going homeless because rents have skyrocketed.

A paradigm shift is occurring on the right of politics in Australia, with One Nation’s Malcolm Roberts recently floating the topic of remigration on social media.

Even the legacy media has been forced to admit the obvious, with a slew of articles attempting to manage public perception.

Incredibly, they have even been forced to concede points which nationalists have been making for years, such as the fact that immigration does not benefit an economy:

“I just wonder why this is the only economic model we’ve got – to force feed population growth, to run the highest imaginable immigration intake, and to condemn our big cities to a relentless chase to keep up in terms of infrastructure,” he said.

“We don’t have to do it to guarantee Australia’s prosperity.”

He said it was a “lazy” way of running an economy.

There is no way they will be able to keep a lid on this. Australians have been very comfortable for a very long time, and very docile as a result. That comfort is ending.

The lockdowns all conveniently lifted in late 2021 as the country was on the brink of revolution, but they can’t wind this one back. Uncomfortable Aussies are getting really, really angry.

This article was first published at XYZ