In last weekend’s Presidential election, Russians voted for Vladimir Putin in record numbers. He won nearly 88% of the vote with about voter turnout of about 75%.

Naturally then, Islamic State decided to do a Bataclan in Moscow last night.


Latest reports indicate 60 murdered and hundreds wounded, although this toll will undoubtedly rise.

It doesn’t make any sense, unless you understand that ISIS is to the US what Hezbollah and the Houthis are to Iran. In modern day geopolitics, states use their proxies to conduct operations which could cause escalation if committed by regular forces. In this instance the US government basically telegraphed its intentions several days beforehand.

The entire strategy of Clownworld’s proxy war against Russia in the Ukraine hinged upon triggering a “Colour Revolution” against Putin. With the Ukrainian army on the brink of collapse, this crushing victory for Putin crushed Globohomo’s last hopes of regime change in Russia.

If the election had occurred in the West, the globalists could have just forced the people to vote again or outright rigged the election to get their desired result. Instead, Putin is unassailable via conventional warfare, via coup and now at the ballot box.

It is here that we come to understand just how evil the rulers of Clownworld really are. They force-feed groomer propaganda onto children in order to make them take chemicals to alter their hormones and undergo surgery to mutilate their genitals, and will jail any parent who attempts to protect their child from such sadism. They also forced billions to take a poisonous “vaccine” which is now killing millions.

These people think nothing of sending their proxies to enter a Russian concert hall and shoot ordinary people at point blank range.

Because they’re evil.

The intent is pure terror. The message to Russians is “We want revenge and we can get you anywhere.” The message to Whites in the West is “There is no escape.”

We should not be under any illusion that Vladimir Putin is coming to save the White man. The world is essentially locked in an Orwellian geopolitical struggle between Oceana (Globohomo), Eurasia (Russia) and Eastasia (China). The Russian government rightly jails groomer activists and takes White South African farmers as refugees, but it persecutes nationalists just as Globohomo does.

However for long suffering Anglos, to all intents and purposes Russia appears to be a Whiteopia. We see images of clean streets, beautiful train stations and a distinct lack of diversity.

Given Clownworld’s entire state ideology is based on the idea of “progress”, that what we have now is better than anywhere else on the planet and at any time in the past, contradictory evidence must be destroyed.

This is why Democrats force diversity upon White suburbs in America. It’s why black journalists do hit-pieces on Orania. It’s why they tell horror stories about the 1950’s.

And it’s why gunmen slaughtered ordinary Russians listening to classical music. The only way we survive this is if we win.

This article was first published at XYZ