Recently, Candace Owens potentially exposed just how fake and gay the marriage of French President Emmanuel Macron to “wife” “Brigitte” really is.

Here are the dot points:

  • “Brigitte” was born Jean-Michel and “transitioned” at age 30 to “become” female.
  • Photos released attempting to “debunk” the “conspiracy theory” always turn out to be of other people.
  • No photos have been released of Brigitte from the first 30 years of her life.
  • Nobody can find any trace of her “brother” or former “husband”.
  • “Brigitte” is a dead ringer of said “brother”.
  • Mainstream French journalists have been sued by the “first lady” and fined, and threatened by police for investigating the story.

Intriguingly, Owens just lost her job.

It could all be nonsense, and honestly, I don’t really care. Similarly you, dear reader may ask “Why does this matter?”

This has blackmail written all over it. We know courtesy of extensive research by Whitney Webb that Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent who blackmailed Western politicians on behalf of his home country. The Epstein spy ring was just the latest in a long line of blackmail operations, and as Owens has also exposed, blackmail dominates the music industry too.

Blackmail is the decisive factor regarding who is chosen to rule in “democratic” countries. It is why politicians always promise to do things the electorate actually wants when they’re on the election trail, then they implement the policies of their masters once they get in.

The sexually perverted are the easiest to blackmail, hence why political leaders behave like sexual perverts in public.

This is where the Macrons fit in. Even if the tranny story is complete nonsense they are eminently blackmailable given Emmanuel’s age when they first met. The Rothschild banker has overseen Covid Tyranny and the continued multicultural dismantling of the French nation. If “Brigitte” is a man it brings the blackmail to a whole new level. Drama teacher “Brigitte” did not fall in love with a youthful Emmanuel Macron in a Mrs. Robinson-style affair. Instead, the pervert Jean-Michel groomed Emmanuel.

Still, one may say “How does this matter? I just want to be left alone.”

This matters because World War III will not leave you alone:

Several days ago international media reported that France could send 20,000 troops to the Ukraine within a month. It is now being reported that French, German and Polish troops (regular army, not mercenaries) are already in the Ukrainian theatre.

The Russian government is indicating it is preparing to escalate actions directly against NATO members in response, including conducting nuclear tests, enforcing a no-fly zone over the Black Sea, conducting air patrols close to NATO’s border, and actual strikes against NATO military bases and supply centres.

It is worth heeding Dr. David Hilton’s warning regarding the potential of an EMP attack, and consider that a nuclear test would be the perfect pretext with which to carry out such an attack.

It could mean direct war between Russia and NATO, or they may find a way to just keep stringing it along. It may not mean nukes yet. Basically though, it’s on. Expect this, but in Western Europe.

Even the YouTube algorithm is now selling not just perversion to the normies, but war between France and Russia as an added bonus.

This is why I have used the term “Tranny Granny” in the same headline as “World War III”. Look at the map of France and Russia:

France going to war with Russia makes as much sense as the still youthful President of France being married to a woman in her 70’s. Unless they are both blokes, they’re both perverts, and Macron is being blackmailed to carry out a foreign policy which directly contradicts France’s national interest.

Consider that twice in recent years, news emerged that leading elements within the French military were deeply dissatisfied with the demographic and security deterioration in France, with suggestions that a coup may be possible in order to avoid civil war. Now they’re supposed to be turning their guns on other White men several countries away?

France’s enemy is internal, not over 1000 miles away. It is an enemy deliberately imported by its own government.

Consider the bigger picture of why the Globohomo West is engaged in a direct strategic struggle against Russia and China, with a proxy war in Taiwan just as likely to erupt in coming years. It does not make sense, unless you understand that the people directing the foreign policy of White countries are not Whites, but dual citizen neocons who are deliberately replacing the people they rule over.

They don’t care if they replace Whites over the course of several decades via mass immigration and enforced multiculturalism, or if they feed us piecemeal into the Ukrainian meat-grinder. Either way, we’re gone.

That is the objective.

This article was first published at XYZ