Two weekends ago when South Australia held a vote for a state-based “voice to parliament” for aboriginals, almost nobody showed up:

From Australians vs The Agenda:

UPDATE: After taking a week break since the election date for absolutely no reason, the South Australian Electoral Commission has finally decided to complete counting the MASSIVE amount of ballots casted at their inaugural ‘First Nations Voice to Parliament’ elections.

Officials estimate that of the eligible 30,000 people, only 2583 formal votes were counted.

With one candidate who was elected only receiving 6 votes, it’s hard to imagine anyone taking this serious.

Andrew Bolt has rightly slammed the farce:

Sky News host Andrew Bolt claims South Australia has now confirmed “race politics” is not wanted by Aboriginals after a low voter turnout for the state’s Voice to Parliament.

Less than ten per cent of eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders voted for candidates in the new state-based Voice.

South Australia’s First Nation’s Voice passed parliament last year.

“The vote for this in Parliament to set it up saw the white left line the streets in support but last week it was time for Aborigines themselves to vote for their representatives on this state voice – and boy that was a very different story,” Mr Bolt said.

“Fewer than nine per cent of the state’s estimated 30,000 Aborigines of voting age bothered to vote.”

It’s moments like this you realise that when elites say they have engaged in “consultation” before forcing their latest elite-driven agenda down our throats, what they mean is that elites spoke with other elites and they all agreed on what they should force down our throats.

It was already the height of arrogance to go ahead with a state “voice to parliament” vote after a national “voice” had been so comprehensively rejected in last year’s federal referendum, in which a whopping 64.17% of South Australians voted against it. However, globalist standard operating procedure is to push on regardless of the will of the people. Especially when the whole point of the “voice to parliament” was to transfer ownership and control of Australia over to globalist institutions such as the UN.

The consequent spin the South Australian government is trying to put on this is hilarious:

Kyam Maher, SA Attorney General and  Minister for Aboriginal Affairs says while there are a “range of factors” impacting elements of the election, but says he’s very pleased with “strong nominations” and he believes it is a “good base to build on”.

“A good base to build on” translates to “we’ll just keep forcing you to vote until we get what we want.”

Anglos don’t want this, nor do aboriginals. A democratic trouncing has been swiftly followed by a democratic farce, but here is the important point. Globalist elites constantly use the term “our democracy”. This means something entirely different to “democracy”.

It is their democracy:

“The whole push after the 2016 election and after Brexit and after a couple of other social media run elections that went the wrong way from what the State Department wanted, like the 2016 Philippines election, was to completely invert everything that we described as being the underpinnings of a democratic society in order to deal with the threat of free speech on the internet. And what they essentially said is, we need to redefine democracy from being about the will of the voters to being about the sanctity of democratic institutions and who are the democratic institutions.

“Oh, it’s the military, it’s NATO, it’s the IMF and the World Bank. It’s the mainstream media, it is the NGOs, and of course these NGOs are largely state department funded or IC funded… if you define democracy as being the strength of democratic institutions rather than a focus on the will of the voters, then what you’re left with is essentially democracy is just the consensus building architecture within the Democrat institutions themselves.”

“Our democracy” translates to “globalist consensus”. It has nothing to do with the will of the people, in fact the will of the people directly threatens “our democracy” because the will of the people and globalist consensus are diametrically opposed.

The democracy rabbit hole does not end here though. Democracy did work for a time in ancient Athens, when the city was small, ethnically homogenous and when suffrage was strictly limited. Whenever these preconditions are breached it leads to tyranny, every single time.

Those who pushed democracy as an alternative to a divinely appointed monarchy during the horrendously misnomered “Enlightenment” knew this and wanted this. They saw democracy as a means by which to subvert hereditary rule by the best of a people. Monarchy and Aristocracy by definition excludes foreigners from power (with the occasional exception) thus it had to go.

When we wonder today why our “democratic” rulers do not make decisions in the interests of their people, this is why. They are not of the people.

This article was first published at XYZ