Multiculturalism and Liberal Democracy in Australia are dead. Dead-dead. It will not recover from this, only spiral into more death:

I would have given you a “graphic” warning, but you will all see something like this irl in coming years.

Bishop Mari Emmanuel of the Assyrian Church in Western Sydney was stabbed while giving a service in Western Sydney last night. Bishop Mari survived, and last seen was being treated for his wounds.

They caught the attacker. He was smiling.

The stabbing has caused riots, as the foreign Christian and Muslim communities in Western Sydney mobilise to defend their churches and mosques, and NSW Police likely mobilise close to their full capacity to suppress violence.

None of this would have occurred had these foreigners not been allowed into this country. Put simply, every foreigner must leave.

This stabbing occurred just days after a man murdered seven people in a shopping centre in Bondi. Much conjecture occurred online as to the attacker’s ethnicity and religion, before police belatedly told everybody he was Maltese, ie white(ish). The Economic Zone Formerly Known as Australia summed it up best.

It has also occurred during a week when Israel and its neighbours are trading missiles.

The great powers via their proxies are playing a high stakes game of ballistic missile brinksmanship. If it gets out of hand it’s World War III.

The scenes overnight in Sydney are a portent of what World War III will actually look like. It will not involve national armies meeting together on some plain in the vicinity northern Israel. The fronts will be a hybrid of World War I trench warfare and Terminator-tier high tech savagery.

Meanwhile, every major Western city on the planet will descend into chaos as warring imported ethnic factions battle for supremacy. Western Globohomo governments will not have the resources to win anything, as White men refuse to join both armies and police forces which openly hate us.

Anglos, Whites, Christians will defend ourselves when necessary, but we will refuse to fight World War III for anybody. You can all get stuffed, and get out of our country.

This article was first published at XYZ