Openly opposing Clownworld comes at a heavy price.

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi is feared dead after search and rescue teams found the wreckage of the helicopter he was travelling in with “no signs of life”.

New drone footage of the wreckage, captured by Iran’s Red Crescent Society and featured on state media FARS News Agency, revealed the crash site situated on a steep, forested hillside. Little remained of the helicopter except for a blue and white tail.

The chopper went missing after “an accident” in the Jolfa region of the western province of East Azerbaijan during poor weather conditions on Sunday.

“Upon finding the helicopter, there was no sign of the helicopter passengers being alive as of yet,” state TV reported on Monday about 15 hours after the aircraft went missing.

News agency Reuters reported that the helicopter was “completely burned” in the crash, citing an Iranian official.

Notice the quotes for “an accident”. Everybody knows it wasn’t “an accident”. Supporters of Clownworld are basically admitting on X that he was shot down, such as in this wall of text:

“The evil Iranian regime and all its proxies will be gone soon (as I write these words, a helicopter transporting senior Iranian officials went down and they are all assumed to be dead. Iran might be gone sooner than we imagined.)”

This comes just days after the pro-Russian Prime Minister of Slovakia barely survived an assassination attempt:

The man who critically injured Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico on Wednesday was a fierce critic of the latter’s decision to stop arms shipments to Ukraine, Interior Minister Matuss Sutaj Estok has said.

Fico was shot at point-blank range several times on Wednesday as he greeted supporters in the small town of Handlova. The assailant was immediately arrested and the prime minister was rushed to a hospital in serious condition. Local authorities said earlier that there was a “clear political motivation” behind the attack.

Media reports identified the attacker as Juraj Cintula, 71, said to be the founder of the Slovak Association of Writers and a supporter of the opposition Progressive Slovakia party.

On Tuesday, Sutaj Estok confirmed earlier media reports that “the perpetrator is charged with the premeditated crime of attempted murder” and stressed that this was “a politically motivated act.”

A Slovak Prime Minister and an Iranian President, both in a matter of days, and less than a month since Iran and Israel flung a few hundred rockets at each other. It’s not a coincidence, just like it wasn’t a coincidence when terrorists murdered Russian concertgoers several days after Russians reelected Putin by a record margin, and a cargo ship just happened to take out a bridge in Baltimore several days after that.

This is what World War III looks like. Even without nuclear weapons, the devastation of modern warfare means the major powers of Oceana, Eurasia and Eastasia are reluctant to engage in direct conflict. Instead they wage proxy wars in the disputed borderlands of the Ukraine and the Middle East. They attack infrastructure such as Nordstream and the Baltimore Bridge.

Information must be tightly controlled, as the democratic vote of the people cannot be allowed to “threaten our democracy”.

They target heads of state, for example after losing a rigged election Pakistan’s President Imran Khan, who had been attempting to pry Pakistan away from Globohomo, was summarily imprisoned.

They engage in economic warfare, for example the BRICS nations are developing an alternative to the US Dollar. Basically if the rest of the world stops buying the US Dollar, US debt becomes unsustainable. Then really bad things happen, at a time when the Suez Canal is impassable to Clownworld aligned shipping.

African nations have in recent times removed the last vestiges of European colonialism and invited Eastasian colonialism in its stead, while Saudi Arabia last year reached an historic detente with arch rival Iran, aided by Chinese diplomacy.

Each side is manoeuvring its pieces into place, looking for an opening. It’s one part chess, one part Mexican Standoff.

This article was first published at XYZ