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Everybody panic, it’s happening again.

From Sky News:

Several cases of bird flu have been detected at a farm in Victoria, prompting a swift quarantine of the property as global cases continue to rise.

Agriculture Victoria on Wednesday confirmed it was investigating several poultry deaths at the egg farm near Meredith.

The department conducted preliminary tests which confirmed the presence of the avian influenza virus.

In the time it took you to read those three paragraphs, six million pigeons died.

The property has been placed into quarantine and samples have been sent to the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness at Geelong for additional tests.

Further testing will establish the specific type and nature of the disease, and whether it is the more serious strain, H5N1, which has recently killed millions of animals across the globe.

Avian influenza, colloquially known as the bird flu, is a highly contagious viral disease that impacts both wild and domestic birds.

It spreads through contact with an infected animal or person-to-person.

In 2020, Victoria experienced the largest-ever outbreak of avian influenza on record in Australia.

We have no choice, we have to kill all the seagulls. I think this is a policy we can all get behind. Everybody hates seagulls.

We have to cancel school and make all the kids sit in front of a computer screen all day again, but to make sure they’re safe we’ll ban them from social media and drug them up to the eyeballs in vaccines. That way everybody will be safe and Grandma won’t die.

We’re all in this together.

From their ABC:

As the days draw darker and the weather gets colder, a new family of COVID-causing subvariants has arrived just in time for Australia’s sniffles season. 

The family has been nicknamed FLiRT and is made up of several similar subvariants — namely KP.1 and KP.2 — but they are not as playful or amorous as the name would suggest.

FLiRT derives from the much more boringly named JN.1 variant, which is more transmissible than previous iterations of the coronavirus but usually causes less severe illness than those earlier versions. 

We need a two week lockdown now to flatten the curve. I am so glad I didn’t throw out my spare facemasks. I knew this day would come.

In the United States, FLiRT has quickly overtaken JN.1 as the dominant strain — a scenario likely to play out here too, with cases already on the rise.

The eSafety Commissioner has stated that FLiRT is spread by toxic masculinity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is tracking several of these JN.1 descendants and told the ABC it would soon classify some of these as Variants Under Monitoring (VUM).

VUM is a term used to signal when a variant may require increased attention and monitoring because of its potential impact on global health.

As close direct descendants of the dominant JN.1 strain, this family of variants shares similar traits.

Nobody cares. At least monkeypox was funny.

Back in January of this year, we wrote about the JN.1 variant and described it as being a bit like a grandchild of Omicron, which typically led to less severe disease than earlier versions.

Following that same analogy, the FLiRT family are a bit like children of JN.1.

The name FLiRT was coined as a play on words and relates to the location of the additional mutations in the spike protein of these variants: they’re changes typically seen at R346T, F456L and V1104L.

Did any of you read any of that crap? I didn’t. I just skimmed it and then copy pasted.

This could be an indication that events on the Ukrainian and Gazan battlefields are not going as planned. Just as Putin cured Covid in early 2022, Globohomo may require a new Covid strain as cover for a humiliating defeat.

UPDATE: Legacy Media outlet announces Israel is losing the Gaza War.

That’s all the analysis I’ve got. Seriously, they’re naming the new one FLiRT? At a time when the Lying Media is further poisoning the relationship between the sexes, and barely a week after AstraZeneca pulled from shelves its wildly unpopular notvaccine with the admission that it was responsible for severe adverse reactions?

They’re laughing at us.

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