The awkward moment when you’re forced to choose between ZOG and a communist.

From the Dinosaur Media:

Greens leader Adam Bandt has threatened Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus with legal action over remarks he made that Mr Bandt says were defamatory.

The federal government and opposition joined together in the House of Representatives on Wednesday to condemn the Greens and its response to the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Red Team vs Blue Team is all fake. At the end of the day, Labor and Liberal both support the only team that matters.

The major parties took aim at the Greens for “consciously and deliberately spreading” misinformation, and claiming the Greens had incited pro-Palestinian protesters into demonstrations that had led to politicians’ electorate offices being targeted.

Shortly after, Mr Dreyfus spoke on the ABC’s Afternoon Briefing where he directed his anger about the issue towards the Greens leader.

“I think that the Greens political party and particularly the leader of the Greens political party have got something to answer for here in the way that they have been encouraging criminal damage of MPs electorate offices, encouraging really riotous behaviour, sometimes violent behaviour, that has been occurring outside electorate offices,” Mr Dreyfus said on the program.

Mr Bandt says his lawyers have written to the attorney-general to say he considers the comments he made on the program defamatory.

“I think that the first law officer of this country should not make utterly unfounded statements and spread disinformation. No politician should do that,” Mr Bandt said in a statement.

“I understand a number of media outlets have chosen to stop broadcasting and publishing his statements because of legal concerns. I welcome their restraint.”

Mr Dreyfus’s comments were made outside the lower house chamber, and were not covered by parliamentary privilege.

The Greens can be rather touchy. Several years ago David Leyonhjelm paid out $120,000 just for slut-shaming Sarah Hanson-Young.

Mr Bandt said he would “prefer not to” pursue the matter legally, and hoped Mr Dreyfus would respond in a proper way.

“The prime minister and Labor are not the victims in these matters. The victims are the over 36,000 people killed in the ongoing genocide in Gaza, the hostages, and the 1,200 people killed on October 7, compounded by the failure of the Labor government to take action against the Israeli government’s invasion,” Mr Bandt added.

I know what you’re all thinking – who cares.

Aussies with jobs are raising their families in tents because for some reason we must import a million “migrants” a year to make up for all the replacement migration we missed out on while we were kept under house arrest and forced to inject poison, a policy which even the Dinosaur Media is finally admitting caused millions of excess deaths worldwide.

Western leaders are openly discussing national service conscription because an entire generation of Ukrainian men has been genocided by missiles and drones.


Yet the outrage of politically aware Westerners is channeled into supporting foreigners in a foreign war which nobody cares about.

This Bandt vs Dreyfus hoohah is merely an extension of this, with the major political parties pandering to various minorities instead of focusing on the concerns of Real Australians.

We’re told that this a complicated, nuanced issue, that this threatens “social cohesion” and the fabric of Australian multiculturalism. It’s nonsense. It’s not a complicated issue. It’s not even an issue. To the extent that Australians should debate the Arab-Israeli conflict, it should merely be between the sensible option of forcing them all to swim home, versus the bleeding hearts who want to give them canoes.

Seriously, two world wars and communist purges murdered roughly a hundred million Europeans during the Twentieth Century, yet we’re forbidden from mentioning this crime against White humanity, we’re treated as perpetrators by non-Whites who relentlessly harangue us, and we’re not even allowed to have our own country.

The Arab-Israeli conflict is literally about warring ethnicities who want to establish national homelands for their people with secure borders, yet Australians (and Whites in general) are being lectured that we have to pick a side while we’re not allowed to have a national homeland of our own.

Can we just have one Australian political party which will explicitly advocate for Whites, for Anglos, to the exclusion of all other ethnic groups? To be generous, Pauline Hanson and Fraser Anning moved the Overton Window. However the reason neither has succeeded in reversing the policy of mass replacement immigration is because both parties were convinced that to appeal to the masses they must appeal to some mythical middle ground.

Let’s spell this out.

China is rehearsing for an invasion of Taiwan. Russia has repeatedly warned Clownworld that it faces a nuclear response if it attempts to expand the Ukraine Proxy War and continues to attack its nuclear deterrent infrastructure. Globohomo continues to escalate its actions and rhetoric in response.

Millions of Australians will likely die in the World War to come. The illusion that diversity is our strength will evaporate in an instant as all the foreigners either flee the country or take up arms against us the moment war breaks out.

If ever there was a time for a political party to represent White Australians, it’s now. Aussies are not going to give a stuff about the middle ground. The choice is not between ZOG or a communist. The choice is between being called a “racist”, or death.

This article was first published at XYZ.