Julian Assange is a free man after more than a decade of captivity as a political prisoner. Adam Piggott astutely observes why it now suits the ClownWorld Empire to cut him loose:

“The images of Assange that are surfacing are of a man aged far beyond his years. As innocent as he most probably is, his battle going up against the globalist powers of the Deep State have severely punished him. As such, the future media coverage of Assange, which will undoubtedly be considerable, will most probably serve as a stark warning to others not to suffer the same fate.”

He has also been ordered to direct WikiLeaks to destroy any remaining classified documents and information in their possession and provide an affidavit once completed, as part of his plea agreement. Thus a haggard and gagged Assange is released in the same week as the bankrupted Alex Jones’ platform InfoWars is set to be liquidated. ClownWorld has a long memory and it never forgives.

The Assange release suits the Australian Labor government, as it placates the Greens at a time when Albanese desperately needs their support. It is worth noting the prophetic nature of The XYZ reporting in 2019 when Assange was arrested:

A murderous psychopath and her family were about to retake control of the most powerful country on the planet, and the next largest white country on the planet was being demonised and war fomented.

The killer blow was coming.

But then a combination of autistic, workaholic internet activists and larger than life public figures who were prepared to resist everything the globalist media threw at them sprang into action and halted the globalist advance.

One such man was Australian Julian Assange. This computer nerd and his team hacked at will, and released to the public the full extent of the globalists’ corruption, thuggery, perversion and pure lust for power. He is the number one reason Donald Trump became President of the United States and stopped Hillary from killing us all.

This could not go unpunished.

To be more specific, during the 2016 US Presidential Election campaign, Hillary Clinton was proposing policies which could spark war with Russia:

From the BBC, 26 October, 2016:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has said his rival Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy plan in Syria would trigger World War Three.

He also said the US should focus on defeating so-called Islamic State (IS) rather than removing Syria’s president.

Mrs Clinton has proposed a no-fly zone over Syria. The top US military chief has said that could spell conflict with Russian jets in the region….

The Republican standard-bearer struck an apocalyptic tone when criticising his Democratic rival’s plan to control Syrian air space.

“You’re going to end up in World War Three over Syria if we listen to Hillary Clinton,” Mr Trump said.

“You’re not fighting Syria any more, you’re fighting Syria, Russia and Iran, all right?

“Russia is a nuclear country, but a country where the nukes work as opposed to other countries that talk.”

… Mr Trump questioned “how she is going to go back and negotiate with this man who she has made to be so evil” if she is elected president on 8 November.

Ultimately, Donald Trump failed on immigration and he failed to cross the Rubicon when he had the chance. Importantly though, his presidency deescalated America’s dire relations with Russia despite the Democrats’ and the Legacy Media’s debunked claims that Russia rigged the election. The Covid psyop was instigated in part to remove Trump from office, as it enabled the Democrats’ own election fraud in 2020 via mail-in ballots. It then took another couple of years for renewed NATO provocation to force Putin’s hand in the Ukraine in 2022 and magically cure Covid.

We are now in World War III, with several hot wars, a series of deeply suspicious incidents punctuating open geopolitical rivalry between the Oceana, Eurasia and Eastasia.

The Trump Presidency + Covid delayed the onset of World War III by 6-8 years. It gave Russia and China more time to modernise their forces, forge alliances, prepare their economies to withstand Western sanctions and plan a global shift away from the US Dollar.

This may sound a little scary, especially to those of us who still remember the Cold War…

However it means Russia and China are potentially less likely to feel pressured into an existential crisis by Clownworld’s military and economic manoeuvres. This means Russia and China are less likely to initiate full scale war and especially nuclear war, because they know they can outlast a sclerotic ClownWorld and outproduce it in a war of attrition. This explains why Russia has been remarkably reserved, even when America attacked its nuclear deterrent infrastructure via its Ukrainian proxies. It’s still playing chess, not battle chess.

Rod Unz has covered this dynamic extensively. He notes the Thucydides Trap, ie the tendency for major war to break out when a new superpower emerges to challenge the ruling hegemon. He argues that the combined power of a Russia-China alliance now surpasses America’s, rendering a potential war for world domination pointless to ClownWorld:

“I think the developments of the last year have fostered the growth of a China-aligned global coalition far too powerful for America to directly confront, with even our subservient military leaders probably recognizing that reality.”

With all due respect to this guy….

… Assange’s publication of emails revealing Washington elites’ discussions of “pizza”deserves much of the credit for sinking Hillary’s campaign and (potentially) helping the world to slip past a World War III tipping point.

Two notes of caution to finish off. Firstly, while the Trump Presidency bought Russia and China time, it lost time for Whites. Mass replacement immigration has accelerated to ridiculous levels. Nationalist parties in Europe are mobilising, and halting immigration and even introducing remigration are being mainstreamed in European and Australian politics, but not a moment too soon.

Secondly, just because rationally the West should be seeking to deescalate its rivalry with Russia and China, this does not mean the satan worshipping groomers who rule us will behave rationally. ClownWorld is called ClownWorld precisely because it is both monumentally evil and stupid.

As noted a couple of months ago, there is a reason why Dutton is committing to establishing a nuclear energy industry in Australia should he be elected Prime Minister. Australia is getting nukes.

This article was first published at XYZ