By David Hiscox – May 25, 20193

If you are going to quit your job, you really can’t beat running away crying like a little girl.

If you watch the full speech, you will notice her voice getting croaky between 1:00 and 2:00. That final bawl was always gonna happen.

The fake right globalist media has not been kind.

From the Australian:

“She’s gone, finally. The British prime minister Theresa May, arguably the worst in UK’s modern history, has emotionally announced her resignation, days after she lost the support of her closest advisors amidst ongoing Brexit mayhem.”

“A teary Mrs May said she would leave as Prime Minister on June 7, which will be days after a state visit by United States Donald Trump and D Day commemorations….”

“Mrs May’s leadership will go down in the record books as lamentable. She started by triggering the article 50 for Brexit without determining what form of Brexit the country wanted and then arrogantly called a general election in 2017 to try and increase a healthy Tory majority which backfired spectacularly.”

“The ensuing tight numbers in the parliament and Mrs May’s inflexibility to handle the biggest single political crisis since WWII is illustrated in the parliamentary records. During May’s term as leader, she suffered 28 defeats in the House of Commons, including setting new records for political annihilation. One of her three big losses on the Brexit bill was by a margin of 230 votes.”

Like her tearful resignation speech, the farce that was May’s term in office was entirely predictable. Adam Piggott picked her like a dirty nose the moment she got the job:

“The news that Theresa May has taken the leadership of the Tory party with what seems to be a full-blown screaming SJW agenda is beyond belief:”

“Britain’s new Prime Minister Theresa May has promised a government centred around social justice in a hard hitting statement of intent just minutes after Queen Elizabeth had charged her with leading the country … Mrs May used her first prime ministerial speech to promise to fight against burning injustices and disadvantages suffered by the poor, blacks, state school educated, women, the mentally ill, and the young.”

“Bloody hell. So, there you go, we win but we lose. We won Brexit and as a result we get an SJW numbskull into the Tory leadership.”

In May’s speech yesterday, she finished the way she started:

“As we strive to find the compromises we need in our politics — whether to deliver Brexit, or to restore devolved government in Northern Ireland — we must remember what brought us here.”

“Because the referendum was not just a call to leave the E.U. but for profound change in our country.”

What does she mean by “profound change”? An end to the socialist control of a supranational organisation and a return to national sovereignty and the Great Britain which has been lost, the reestablishment of a Britain for the British, specifically through control over immigration? Well, this is an SJW globalist we are talking about here:

“A call to make the United Kingdom a country that truly works for everyone. I am proud of the progress we have made over the last three years.”


“…we are protecting the environment, eliminating plastic waste, tackling climate change and improving air quality.”

Here we go.

“This is what a decent, moderate and patriotic Conservative government, on the common ground of British politics, can achieve, even as we tackle the biggest peacetime challenge any government has faced…

“But the unique privilege of this office is to use this platform to give a voice to the voiceless, to fight the burning injustices that still scar our society.

“That is why I put proper funding for mental health at the heart of our N.H.S. long-term plan.

“It is why I am ending the post code lottery for survivors of domestic abuse.

“It is why the Race Disparity Audit and gender pay reporting are shining a light on inequality, so it has nowhere to hide…

“Because this country is a Union.

“Not just a family of four nations.

“But a union of people — all of us.

“Whatever our background, the color of our skin, or who we love.”

If this globohomo, satanic garbage had been the “profound change” the people of Britain voted for when they voted for Brexit, Leave voters would not have been vilified as “xenophobic”, “racist”, “islamophobic” you name it for the last three years. Even in defeat May serves her masters, and demonstrates why she never had a hope of steering Britain into independence. This speech presents the purpose of Brexit as the exact opposite of its intention.

Theresa May’s “profound change” is Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation”; from a union of the people of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland whose blood is bonded to their land through thousands of years of history, to a socialist shithole which cannot replace its native population fast enough.

Theresa May’s tears belie the fact that she has gotten off very, very lightly.

Reproduced with kind permission of the XYZ.