The World Economic Forum wants to engineer every aspect of human existence to “save the planet”.  What are their brilliant ideas, to “rescue” all of us?   Here are some items from their agenda:

  • Implement vaccine passports, which excludes people from society if they don’t continually take booster injections.
  • Implement social rewarding systems, that give points when people comply, and remove rights when people resist.
    China already has this “social credit” system for totalitarian control.
  • Move most of humanity into Smart Cities, where their thoughts, emotions and dreams are constantly recorded.
  • Limit the distance that city people can go from their homes to 15-20 minutes. They will need permits to go farther.
  • Install digital currencies that can be controlled by the rulers.  Owning and spending funds must be limited by the governments.

A cashless society is one that has lost many of its freedoms.  In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already demonstrated the totalitarian capacities in governments like his, when he got banks to freeze (turn off) the bank accounts of truckers protesting against his mandates.  This can be done very easily when a government doesn’t like your opposition, or how you spend your money.  Very dangerous!

Eliminate ownership of private property.  Everything must be rented: homes, cars, tools, even clothes.

Straight out of Marx, and also Proudhon, the father of anarchism (“Property is theft.”)

Block sunlight from reaching the earth in order to prevent “global warming”.

Believe it or not, the US Democratic administration has even floated this idea.  See this article of 7 January 2023 from

White House cautiously opens the door to study blocking sun’s rays to slow global warming
A Biden administration report required by Congress outlines research options for a last-ditch effort to slow the heating of the planet. But the White House says it’s not changing its climate strategy.

The White House released a report Friday on solar geoengineering as a way to slow rising global temperatures.

Only allow information online that supports the agenda. Censor everything that questions or criticizes their plans.
Shades of the “repressive tolerance” of prominent Cultural Marxist theorist Herbert Marcuse – tolerate only what supports your agenda, suppress contrary (conservative) views.

  • Promote homosexual education in kindergarten and first grade.  Teach toddlers to masturbate and have sexual partners.

Drag queens performing to young children are not an instance of “tolerance,” but deliberate social engineering designed to destroy the traditional family.

  • Promote pedophilia as a natural sexual preference that must be included in society.  Label opponents as “haters”.
  • Indoctrinate school children to surgically alter their sexual identity without the consent of their parents.
  • Reduce or remove personal rights and freedoms from humanity.  Basic human rights must be recalibrated. 
    Yuval Noah Harari, one of the most influential advisers to Klaus Schwab, and a megalomaniac trans-human expert, says:  Homo sapiens has no natural rights, just as spiders, hyenas and chimpanzees have no natural rights.  But don’t tell that to our servants, lest they murder us at night.
  • Turn everyone into cyborgs, connected to the cloud, from where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will constantly monitor them.
  • Create a class of elite humanoids with superhuman abilities that will rule over humanity. 
    Yuval Noah Harari says: Organisms are algorithms.
  • Allow managers to see what is going on inside the brains of their employees.
  • Use 5G to read people’s thoughts and emotions, and to insert thoughts and feelings into the population.
  • Replace doctors, lawyers, teachers, ministers, pastors, etc. with AI.
  • Allow AI to control humanity by telling people who to marry, what to shop, who to vote for, etc.
  • Replace grass-fed beef with genetically engineered insects grown in factories.
    We are seeing artificial meat in supermarkets already!
  • Convince the elderly to choose early euthanasia so they don’t burden the economy.
    Lyle Shelton of the Family First Party reported on 14 July 2023:
    Free euthanasia webinar for aged care workers
    If granny is in aged care, you should be concerned.
    The Albanese Government is offering a free webinar to aged care workers about how residents can be legally killed
    Several Australian states are already legislating this.

Other concepts are:

  • limiting human contact by making school, gathering, shopping, worship, socializing etc., happen online, where everyone must live behind a screen;
  • making the use of suffocating face masks permanent;
  • pushing humanity to spend their time in a virtual realities and convincing them it’s so much better than reality.
  • closing off 30% of all wilderness, so enjoying the beautiful outdoors will become much harder.

Yuval Noah Harari says:

The new masters of the world are those who own the data. Have you noticed how surveillance cameras are multiplying in our cities?  

We are almost like gods… AI can create its own ideas… The Gutenberg printing press printed as many Bibles as it was ordered to do.  But it could not write a single new page.  AI can do that. It can even write a new Bible… In a few years, there may be religions that are actually correct. Think of holy books written by AI.  That could be a reality in a few years.

For the World Economic Forum, NOTHING is sacred.

This article was first published in The Freedom and Heritage Society