In The Australian of New Year’s Day 2024, Paul Kelly wrote  “The future belongs to nations that have internal coherence and a sense of shared national purpose.    The potent threat is internal dislocation arising from weak economic results, excessive inequality, cultural division and a loss of shared values.”

In The Weekend Australian immediately before this (December 30-31, 2023), the Hungarian-Canadian academic Frank Furedi notes that in the very influential book by Samuel Huntington The Clash of Civilizations and the remaking of world order (1996), the author predicted that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fundamental source of conflict in the future would not be primarily ideological or economic but cultural.

While the American neocons and “manifest destiny” believers are still pushing their ideological view upon the world, it is certainly true that post-communist Russia is not trying to export any ideology.   Putin’s Russia is pursuing what it sees as Russia’s national interests, not trying to spread a global vision other than MULTI-polarity – in which nations can be themselves, not vassals to a single world hegemon.

Huntington says  “Nation states will remain the most powerful actors in world affairs, but the principal conflicts of global politics will occur between nations and groups of different civilizations.”   The single most potent factor defining a “civilization” is religion – the basis of its world view.

Why does Serbia (for example) always predictably side with Russia, just as vice versa in 1914 when Russia entered World War I on the side of Serbia?  Common Orthodox Civilization.  Why does faraway Indonesia today support the Palestinians against Israel over the Gaza conflict?  Islamic Civilization.   Why did Russia fight so many wars against Turkey over hundreds of years?   Orthodox against Islamic Civilization.

But the reality today has become much less straightforward.   In the West virtually across the board, we now see a cultural clash WITHIN nation states.  This is remarkable, unprecedented in extent, and it portends darkly for the future of Western civilization.

Since Obama, “Black Lives Matter” and the spread of “woke” progressivism including D.I.E. (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) and “72 genders” nonsense, the United States has been in catastrophic civilizational decline.  There is no longer any consensus on what the country believes and what it stands for.

To a somewhat lesser extent, Canada, the EU, Australia and New Zealand are afflicted by the same virus.  All of them (with a couple of honourable exceptions, like Hungary) are allowing catastrophic subversion and whiteanting from within by ruinous “multicultural” policies and mass immigration that amounts to cultural invasion.  The Biden administration has made no attempt to stop the illegal immigration of millions through the southern border. 

Canada’s Justin Trudeau and New Zealand’s deplorable Jacinda Ardern have bent over backwards to accommodate Muslims whose civilizational values are very opposed to that of the West. 

Malcolm Fraser made the catastrophic mistake – against advice – of letting Lebanese Muslims into Australia after their civil war of 1975.  This imported a permanent problem.   Today, Anthony Albanese is compounding the problem by granting visas to 850 Palestinians from Gaza.  These will further add to the upsurge of anti-Semitism and agitation against the policies of this and any Australian government.

In Sydney, radical Islamic cleric “Brother Ismail” has repeatedly called for jihad, and on Friday 29 December 2023 gave an incendiary sermon at Bankstown’s Al Madinah Dawah Centre slamming the New Year celebrations and claiming that in Judaic tradition the day was “a day of circumcision” and calling on Muslims to stay away from kuffar (non-believers). 

He also referred to Israelis and Jews as “descendants of pigs and monkeys stealing the organs of our brothers and sisters (in Palestine).”  Why is this person not stripped of Australian citizenship, if he has it, and deported?  This is a failure of the destructive multiculti nonsense which endangers our society.

New Zealand has been subjected to a very divisive Maorification agenda which has discriminated against the majority population.  In Australia, the Aboriginal industry tried to insert race into the Constitution, but thankfully failed.  Some extremist fractional-Aboriginal people (like the loud Lidia Thorpe), with support from the Greens (especially the Pakistani blow-in Mehreen Faruqi) have attacked Australia’s core values and national celebrations, including Australia Day, Anzac Day and the flag.   The ABC (their ABC, certainly not ours) tiresomely tells us all the time, in news and weather, which “Aboriginal land” it is coming from or featuring.   It never celebrates Australia as a nation.


The Russian historian Lev Gumilev (who died 1992) coined the term passionarity (passionarnost’ in Russian) to define the strength of a country’s belief in itself, its strength of will to affirm and defend its own culture and spread its influence.  This is more than quiet patriotism, but an active inner compulsion.  Post-communist Russia went through a dreadful decade in the 1990s, when the old economic system was destroyed and building its replacement was an agonizing process.  Since 2000 it has rekindled national pride and returned to pre-revolutionary values including Christianity.  About 70 per cent of Russians today believe in God –  a much higher figure than in many Western countries – and the churches are full of young families.  The government supports the traditional family, prohibits proselytizing LGBT values to children, and rejects all the Cultural Marxist wokeness now infesting the West.   Culturally, Russia will make it.  But will the West?

And despite its demographic problem (which it shares with many west European countries), Russia is now prepared to assert forcefully its essential national interests.  Its “special military operation” (also called invasion) in Ukraine is about defending the identity and rights of Russian speakers in the eastern and southern Ukraine, and in preventing the West from using Ukraine as a proxy to complete the encirclement of Russia with military bases that threaten Russia’s national security.  NATO now has 16 additional members (counting Sweden) around Russia’s western periphery.  If Crimea (including the Sevastopol naval base) were to be returned to Ukraine, NATO would control Russia’s southern approaches as well.   Massively unacceptable to Russia’s national security.

The USA showed passionarity under President Kennedy in October 1962 when it was prepared to bring the world to the brink of war by confronting the Soviet Union over hostile bases in Cuba.  Miami, Florida, is just 367 km from Havana.   The northern border of Ukraine is only 450 km from Moscow – about four and a half minutes flying time for today’s hypersonic missiles. 

National Fracture In Australia

In Australia we have recently seen the very divisive referendum on the Indigenous Voice pushed by the Aboriginal industry, the left, woke CEOs, the major banks, universities, a gaggle of sporting and other celebrities, many journalists, and pro-multiculti bleeding hearts.  All of them  oblivious to the danger of putting racial discrimination into the Constitution. 

The people voted 61 per cent NO, up to 69 per cent in Queensland.  The activists are taking it badly and want another bite, through state-based treaties.  They’ll never “close the gap” that way – and the Aboriginal industry has no interest in closing it, because the gravy would stop and the noisy elite would become irrelevant.

There is an ongoing war on Australia Day (26 January – date of the first British settlement at Sydney Cove) by dozens of left-controlled local councils.   This is a manifestation of hatred against the founders who created our magnificent modern nation of Australia.  There can be no compromise on this. 

It goes with a mindless adulation of what is imagined to be Aboriginal culture (not practised in fact by the great majority of modern Aborigines), including of the absurd fabrication by Bruce Pascoe in his book Dark Emu of a pre-white Aboriginal civilization that was advanced in agriculture as well as in environmental management.  He and other romancers of the primitive ignore the misogyny, inter-tribal violence, and cannibalism.

Mass immigration from Islamic countries has spawned large pro-Palestinian demonstrations and anti-Israel and generally anti-Semitic incidents of a kind and extent never seen before in this country.

The left hates Western civilization and all the benefits this has conferred upon us and the world.  University campuses have become propaganda centres for this and have pushed to replace the Western canon of literature with third world material or seek to deconstruct Shakespeare (if still taught) with Cultural Marxist tropes about identity and power relationships.   The Ramsay Centre for Western Civilization has had great difficulty in getting its courses into Australian universities – while nothing subjects like gender studies and “peace and conflict studies” (euphemism for Anti-Israel Inc.) get taxpayer funding and turn out graduates unemployable anywhere except at McDonalds.

There has also been a huge falling away from what used to be the prime responsibility of universities to help students to develop their critical faculties.

We are allowing our society to have its foundations destroyed by the left and an unassimilating immigrant group – overwhelmingly of Muslims.


Back to the beginning of this article.  Paul Kelly is spot-on when he writes  “The future belongs to nations that have internal coherence and a sense of shared national purpose.    The potent threat is internal dislocation arising from weak economic results, excessive inequality, cultural division and a loss of shared values.”

What sort of future do Australians want for our country?  This writer believes we need a massive purge of the entire education system and the public media, for starters.  We also need people to WAKE UP, take a red pill, and “conservatives” must stop mindless me-tooism with the left’s agenda and the “current thing.”

This article was first published in Freedom and Heritage Society