Australia has become a more obviously fractured society since war began between Hamas and Israel on 7 October 2023.  Both domestically and internationally, the Muslim community expresses vociferous support for the Palestinians.  This is fully in line with Samuel Huntington’s thesis about the clash of civilizations :  how else can you explain the noisy support for the Palestinians from far-away Indonesia and Malaysia?  

In Australia, Muslims mount large street demonstrations, and get support from a gaggle of current and defunct Labor politicians and, of course, the excremental Greens.

The Jewish community is being targeted by physical attacks on individuals, synagogues and schools;  by boycotts and anti-Jewish stunts from within the arts community;  and by doxxing – publication of the names and contact details of individual Australian Jews.   The Jewish community now feels vulnerable to an extent unprecedented in Australian history.

A fairly large majority of Anglo-Celtic Australians, especially Protestant and most Catholic churchgoers, have always supported Israel’s right to exist.  Hamas and Islamic theology generally reject this, both because of the doctrine of waqf (explained below) and because Islamic eschatology (end-time prophecy) sees no future for the Jews – not just today’s state of Israel – but their total extermination as a people.

An infamous hadith (integral part of Islamic theology of equal value to the Koran) says: “[Mohammed said] The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him …”  [Sahih Muslim, 6980 to 6985] 

Waqf is an Islamicdoctrine of “sacred space” and the compulsion to regain lands lost to Islam.  Hence Palestinians insist on the obliteration of the State of Israel, as the land was once under Muslim (Ottoman) rule and as a holy waqf, it can never be transferred to non-Muslims.  

THIS is why the Middle East peace process never makes any progress, despite endless rabbiting on by Western do-gooders about a two-state solution.  It’s not because of the “settlements” or Israel’s intransigence about drawing a “fair” line on a map.  Incidentally, the same doctrine of waqf applies to Spain, fully lost in 1492, and to Hungary– which was under the Ottomans from 1526 to 1687, and to the Balkans generally.

The Australian reported on 7 April that two newly registered websites – The Muslim Vote, and Muslim Votes Matter – are circulating among political and community circles.  These rank MPs in about 30 focus electorates where the Muslim population is substantial and where the local MP may be considered soft on support for the Palestinian cause.  

The Muslim Vote says it has substantial funding and about 2000 volunteers ready to doorknock at the next election.  It says “We will no longer accept being taken for granted.  We are a powerful, united force of nearly a million acting in unison.  We are focused on seats where the Muslim vote can influence the outcome.  We are here for the long term.”

Australia is now riven by a huge fracture over Israel and the Palestinians, courtesy of massive Muslim immigration, the anti-Semitism they bring with them as an integral part of Islamic doctrine, and – very worryingly – the growth in Muslim political clout.

The Australian of Thursday 11 April 2024 documents the extent of Muslim penetration in federal electorates in a table.  There are thirteen federal electorates, all in NSW and Victoria, where more than ten per cent of voters are Muslim, and twenty-nine above five per cent.  The highest percentages of Islamic faith are in Blaxland (35% – Jason Clare), Watson (27.2% – Tony Burke), Calwell (25.6% – Maria Vamvakinou), Werriwa (17.2% – Anne Stanley), McMahon (14.9% – Chris Bowen) and Bruce (14.9% – Julian Hill).   In Tony Burke’s electorate of Watson, some polling booth in Lakemba register a Labor vote over 75%.

Of the 29 electorates concerned, 27 are represented by Labor – the only exceptions being Fowler (the independent Dai Le, who defeated Kristina Keneally) and Banks (the Liberal David Coleman).

Of course the MPs affected are beholden to the Muslim minority.  And the ALP is already bending over to placate the Muslim community by, for example, Foreign Minister Penny Wong’s saying that the government could recognize Palestinian statehood.  And she has having already restored funding to UNRWA – a UN gravy-train body more corrupt than ATSIC (the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, abolished in 2005) ever was!  And the Albanese government is already letting into Australia some two thousand Palestinians from Gaza.  Hole in the head, anyone?

Australia and the West generally entered very dangerous waters when our elites – without ever seeking the approval of the people – allowed largescale Muslim immigration.  Everywhere this has happened, there has been social disruption, exponential growth of crime, and a fracturing of society between the native population and non-assimilating immigrants hostile to Western culture.   The ideology of multiculturalism and the mantra of diversity and inclusion have brought cultural destruction and national disunity. 

And local elites, for example in Britain, have had the treasonous practice of actively discriminating against the native population!