It is slowly starting to dawn on some Labor voters that Australians with a traditional Christian worldview are feeling somewhat targeted.

Entirely unremarkable beliefs consistent with the last few millennia of Christian doctrine have somehow become as repulsive as racism. Instead of debating our ideas, self-described ‘progressives’ attribute a diagnosis of phobia, a pathological mental disorder.

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen belled the cat, warning that religious Australians believe the ALP has abandoned them, according to a report in today’s The Australian.

“I have noticed as I have been around during the election campaign, and even in the days since, how often it has been raised with me that people of faith no longer feel that ‘progressive’ politics cares about them,” he observed –


The fact is that being authentically Christian (as opposed to the humanistic distortions some people-pleasers offer) is commonly regarded as a character deficiency.

Orthodox doctrines such as the Biblical definition of marriage and the binary nature of gender were described by former Labor leader Kevin Rudd in 2013 as “antediluvian”. He means because they’re really old they’re outdated, and patronised all Christians for clinging to such aged concepts.

When Senator Cory Bernardi interrupted another former Labor leader, Bill Shorten, talking about the gender theory-indoctrinating program cynically named ‘Safe Schools’ in the halls of Parliament in 2016, Shorten snarled back, “At least I’m not a homophobe.”

Every Christian who believes what Genesis & Jesus says about marriage & gender felt those words directed at them personally.

Despite the fact that not one single student has ever been expelled for their sexual orientation, Labor has led a campaign to curb religious freedom by removing the right of Christian schools, unique by virtue of their teaching on exactly these conscience issues, to even officially prefer hiring Christian staff.

This war is being waged under the guise of protecting students from a problem that no one can point to a single case of ever having occurred.

This direct assault on freedom of religion by “’progressive politics” is the Labor-Green response to the review of freedom of religion in the wake of the undefinition of marriage.

Instead of listening to the concerns of those religious Australians which Chris Bowen too late observes “believe the ALP has abandoned,” they aggressively sought to constrain religious freedom, led by Senator Penny Wong.

Every single eminently sensible amendment to the novel marriage legislation seeking to mitigate its corrosive effects on religious freedom was unanimously rejected by the ALP & Greens.

Every reasonable person gets the message loud and clear that constitutionally and internationally established freedoms of religion, speech, association & political expression are now subordinate to claimed rights of freedom from debate which could lead to hurt feelings.

Israel Folau quoting Scripture, and every conservative Christian in the nation with him, is literally blamed for at least contributing to the disproportionate suicide rate amongst people experiencing gender and sexual confusion.

Christians are no longer considered moral enough to play rugby

This is an appalling level of personal insult & emotional manipulation with absolutely no provable basis in fact.

So when a Labor politician suggests that it’s starting to occur to some of them that “people of faith no longer feel that progressive politics cares about them”, it’s entirely natural to visualise a cinematic beam of light descending from the heavens to surround him as an angelic chord is sustained on voices and organ, followed by the “tada” notes.

Look again at the proliferation of salty comments from elite ‘progressives’ bemoaning the intellectual & character deficiencies of all Australians who didn’t vote as they did.

This is the result of grievance politics: dividing society into minority identity groups who can be leveraged into victims of the status quo which opportunistic politicians and power seekers can come to the rescue of.

It directly grows society’s reliance on an increasingly bigger government and secures their jobs simply by pointing at majority groups and crying “Oppressor!”

Take for example recent Human Rights and Race Commissioners virtually spruiking for complaints. Their bureaucracy and personal income thrives on a divided society and dies on a liberal, pluralistic society which tolerates debate even at the risk of feelings.

Are we stupidly relying on a bureaucrat’s sincere interest in the greater good to unite us? Their actual success necessarily means their redundancy, and so exploiting grievance politics & polarising society becomes their public service.

Now call me a cynic if you will, but I believe the Labor Party has sought to exploit these differences in their quest for political power too. They are actively seeking to eliminate differences of opinion by making unapproved opinions progressively illegal to have.

Christians have historically been stubbornly resilient to authoritarian regimes demanding conformity of belief. Countless numbers throughout history have preferred martyrdom than denial of their faith.

Entertainment – pre Youtube

Labor should finally understand this. ‘Progressive’ politics is the antithesis of eternal Truth. It not only doesn’t care about religious convictions, it actively seeks to steamroll them.

‘Progress’, such as publicly-funded child sacrifice, elimination of sexual boundaries and the rejection of any notion of objective truth, demands the destruction of all obstacles.

They call this ‘tolerance’ but it is unforgiving and vicious with all who dare to dissent.
“People of faith no longer feel that ‘progressive’ politics cares about them.”

It has never cared about people of faith. It has just bided its time. There is no place in progressive politics for the One True God.

The very concept is antithetical to its own doctrine of infinite diversity and tolerance. The arc of ambition in ‘progressive’ politics has an inevitable conclusion.

Its tyranny may ebb and flow, but logical consistency demands it wage a war of attrition against all that is ‘antediluvian’.

Dave Pellowe is a Christian conservative writer & commentator, editor of The Good Sauce, and convener of the annual Church And State Summit. He believes in natural law & freedoms, objective Truth & justice, personal responsibility & voluntary charity, strong nations & families, free markets & small government. His weekly show and podcast is live streamed Tuesday nights, and many of his articles are syndicated across Australia and New Zealand.