I just had a realization. It looks like we’ve been keeping a big secret from ourselves. What is it?

Support groups. They’re everywhere. Someone has an issue with their weight. There’s Weight Watchers, plus hundreds of other groups. Someone has a problem with their drinking. There’s AA, plus other groups. Someone gets a cancer diagnosis. There are support groups.

As for those of us AWAKE to what is going on, there’s information through many alternative sources. There are alternative news sources, alternative blogs, video channels, social media. Plus there are lots of people passing on information.

But we don’t have support groups, or anyway none that I’m aware of.

There are studies showing how beneficial groups can be.

So why don’t we have support groups, I’ve wondered. Are we so fabulously self-sufficient, incredibly self-powered, that we don’t need any?

that we don’t have what every other group has – support groups. Actually I don’t believe it’s that we have been keeping the secret from ourselves. My sense is that we have been somehow blocked from recognizing and acting on this. Time for that to change, I would say and you would say.

I hear a lot about people frustrated, angry, not knowing what to do and not do, sometimes locked in conflict with family and friends, sometimes feeling isolated.

I’d say we’re often far from happily self-sufficient, basking in bliss and empowerment.

So I’ve created a support program for people AWAKE in a World Gone “Woke.” If you think this might interest you, you can contact me at: elsa@fullflourishing.com