Stoljar had not done his homework, Galbally should have stayed in bed and Gillard lied through her teeth… but she had her ducks in order. Wilson is still clearly under her spell and other witnesses had changed their evidence overnight to suit Gillard's account of events.

Slater & Gordon don’t sack staff for no reason and for Gillard to say she didn’t know what the fraudulent association and bank accounts were for indicates she is either extremely dumb or a very good liar.

Wilson has so far been successful in claiming privilege over Slater & Gordon files but the question must be asked, if he and Gillard have nothing to hide, why then has privilege been claimed?

Jeremy Stoljar avoided going for Julia’s exposed jugular and he may have good reasons for doing so because Vicpol has had 12 detectives shadowing Wilson and Gillard for the past for 18 months and may not wish to telegraph their punches. 

An awful lot was missing from Stoljar’s examination today and I for one was expecting critical questions that never came. But history shows that lawyers never like interrogating lawyers, perhaps they imagine themselves in the same dock one day.

It’s just as well 12 fraud squad detectives won’t feel the same way.