A stationary satellite would have detected the movement of MH370 by reading the frequency. A car moving toward you makes a different sound than when it is moving away from you due to sound waves being compacted and then stretched. A satellite can’t detect sound waves but it can detect the frequency of a signal.

If the frequency of the “handshake”, or ping, lowers or degenerates, the target is obviously moving away. But the satellite cannot tell which way. In this case it was either north, to Pakistan, or south to the Southern Ocean.

Logic determined it moved South because had it moved north it would have been detected. And a military satellite had detected a left turn west of the Malaysian peninsular.

It was astounding that Tony Abbott declared the wreckage as good as found during a trip to China.

There had been five “pings” located up to thousands of miles apart which meant at least four were false, and very likely the fifth also.

MH370 will be found but accidently, not with current equipment and not for decades.

It’s a nice thing for Abbott to be claiming the discovery on an international stage, it would be even nicer and with less egg on one’s face, if it was correct.

Again the mainstream media missed it, but here it is from months ago: