Islam allows the rape of any female of any age who is not a Muslim. The judiciary seems oblivious to Australian lives being wrecked by over-sexed Islamic youths who are guests of this nation. Surely this must stop. Islamic arrogance and its complete disregard for the law of its host nation is breathtaking.

It’s time for our Government to call a spade a shovel and bury political correctness. Australia does not want these people, it doesn’t need them. They neither contribute to, nor enrich, our multicultural society.

Islam should be outlawed as a seditious cult that seeks not only to ignore, but to undermine, our Australian way of life and our laws.

We are not Islamic and we don’t intend to be. Yet Islam is determined to impose its barbaric cult on Australia as it has already done on European host nations.

How do we know this is so?

They continue to tell us it is so.