Hey fellas, I don't want to ban anyone, there are so many intelligent posters on this site who I, and everyone else, can learn from… the problem is when when you reply to an inflammatory comment you stoke the flames! If you ignore an offensive remark it dies an unrewarded death.

Some pretty bad stuff is said about me on this site too. I certainly dont respond to it because that's exactly what the person wants. I've got better things to do, and so have you. 

The funny thing is that if you all (about six of you) came around to my joint for a beer and a bbq we would all be great mates!

There is so much shit going on politically and socially out there that we can't afford to be stirring each other up over nothing. 

Barbed comments are easy on a keyboard… but they hurt in real life. Only those lacking a valid social/political opinion resort to abuse.

We have all come a long way on this site, so we should all join hands, enjoy debating alternative views and appreciate each other.

Give it a try will ya… please?