It was 1971 and I was working for the Melbourne Herald and Weekly Times when Britain first gave notice that it was about to join the EEC in 1973. It was then The European Economic Community, and two years after joining in 1975 PM Harold Wilson needed reassurance of the wisdom of such a move with a UK referendum. It was duly passed.

That the Brits could join Continental Europe was unthinkable… most Australians saw it with trepidation and as a treasonous abdication by the motherland.

Sure enough, as with all things Left, the EEC proved to be far more sinister than a mere economic cartel. Slowly yet surely it became the European Union with all its Stateless communistic structures and borderless mayhem. It took Britain almost a half century to understand its own awful mistake.

Now Britain's far Left want yet another Brexit vote until the stupid poms can get it right.

The unelected EU had set itself up as a new world order to be administered from Belgium where ISIS had also claimed its Islamic European base at the behest and finance of Saudi Arabia with its Grand Mosque in the centre of Brussels.

                             Some fools will remain on the wrong side of history

I am still scratching my head as to how any sensible European could believe that one single currency could operate in such diverse economic States as those of Europe. It’s a Communist imperative that the weaker States must always take advantage of the stronger ones. In return weaker States will be forced to shoulder more than their fair share of unchecked Islamic immigration.

It all appeared to be working well for a while but now it is showing its threadbare fabric.

In 1949 NATO was born as a bulwark against the evil USSR. Yet it was Russia that stormed Berlin to end Hitler’s idea of a new Europe. It was Russia that lost more lives than any other nation and it was Russia that was the Shangri La of the West’s Left where every Union boss worth his salt made pilgrimage at least once to return with fresh ideas of collectivisation.

The signing of the Treaty of Versailles in Paris by the Allied Powers at the end of World War I was virtually without German participation. Much of what was left of Germany was cut up and distributed to France, Poland and Belgium. All German colonies were given to France, Japan and Britain.

War reparation costs were so onerous that all agreed such huge sums could never actually be repaid. But it was not just the permanent crippling of Germany’s economy that mattered, it was the sanctions on any material that could be imported to rebuild its armed forces. Germany was in such a hopeless corner that it allowed Hitler to become Fuhrer of Germany and wage World War II.

Funny how the worm turns because now its NATO and the EU, led largely by Germany, that are doing the exact same thing to Russia. And if you think Russia doesn’t want a return to the old USSR you haven’t been watching.

Japan rose in the face of similar sanctions… why don't we respect history?

Putin will be competing with Turkey for all of Georgia and probably for a start, the Baltic States, Azerbaijan and the prize jewel of Bulgaria. Yet Turkey is a member of bloody NATO FFS. But there will be no red buttons pushed by any major power. Putin is confined to do what all countries now do and use cyber activity to attempt to unsettle opposing world democracies.

The savage vilification of Russia by the Left is astounding… the nerve agent Novichock must have been administered by Russians because it’s a Russian named poison? Why then was not Arsenic administered by the Italians because it’s a Latin named poison. Bloody hell!

The Left forgets to mention that a referendum determined Russia’s annexation of Crimea… it wasn't illegal as they say, almost 80 per cent approved of it. Russians are fervently patriotic and Putin has a right to battle in South Eastern Ukraine for land access to his warm water Navy base that Kiev is denying him with the EU’s encouragement. 

What would the US do if Hawaii and Guam were denied access by North Korea?

Putin doesn't complain much but now Russia is ‘prosecuting’ the Ukrainian Constitutional Court for finding its annexation of Crimea was illegal.

Trump understands this and he is the one person who could solve this European mess. He clearly can have a dozen balls in the air at the same time and his Summit with Putin has implications far deeper than the Left can conceive of. It could even lead to the US threatening to pull out of NATO, and that’s exactly what Putin desperately wants, why wouldn’t he?

Europe is now coming apart at the seams anyway, mainly due to the influence of Angela Merkel. European bureaucrats, along with America’s progressive Left, see Trump as a passing anomaly but Trump is smarter than they give him credit for. He possesses common dog fuck to the extent I have only known one other person to have… my life-long friend John Singleton.   

The dumb Democrats are insisting Trump cancel this Putin Summit.

Britain’s PM, David Cameron, voted to remain in the EU and he resigned because he had no heart for administering Brexit, and the current PM Theresa May voted to “remain” also, so it appears she has no ovaries for the defence of Britain and wants to craft a “soft” Brexit which means the UK would largely remain in the grip of a dysfunctional Europe overrun by Islamic Jihadists.

Much like our PM Turnbull who has no stomach for cheap coal and wants a renewal of the carbon tax. Hmmm, he must have voted for the Greens.

                                           Both will be gone soon, thank Christ.

If a nation’s agencies are allowed to survive without regular Spring cleaning, they always become dysfunctional Left wing bureaucracies wallowing in their own sewage. Agencies like our ABC, SBS, the CSIRO, and five disjointed security agencies, DFAT, the public service and thousands of QUANGOs.

Australia is desperately in need of its own Trump.