Old associates of mine are departing a failing Fairfax in disgust. It is left with a skeleton staff of Left wing and Green rabble desperate to support Julia Gillard to the last.

As Gillard’s instinct for personal survival moves to blue ties, menus and abortion so too does Fairfax in a collaborative attempt to defame those who criticise her.

Australia has lost its old Fairfax journalists who were dedicated to truth in reporting. It is left with the politically committed dregs content to drag once proud newspapers to insolvency.

The Age and SMH are hopelessly and visually lost in a desperate, last-ditch tabloid format with a Page 3 girl the only thing missing.

Fairfax has turned a blind eye to the criminality of the Prime Minister. It reluctantly joins the News Ltd bandwagon only when it sees the risk of appearing to miss out on the Gillard news it really doesn’t want to know about.

Fairfax sees no problem with an Australian Prime Minister seeking re-election while under investigation by a major fraud squad but is obsessed with an Opposition leader who may have punched a wall 35 years ago.

The Prime Minister’s Office, in collaboration with Fairfax, would rather attack me using nonsensical rubbish and outright lies in a weak attempt to muffle the stark truths I disclose about their beloved Gillard.

I simply grin and get on with it… give it your best shot McTernan, it’s like water of a duck’s back to me. I’m with the not so silent majority when it comes to laying bare the criminal dishonesty of Gillard. 

You may have the support of an irrelevant Fairfax but best check its share price, it’s now bouncing along the same bedrock as your boss’s polling.