The ALP has brought the filthy side of UK politics to Australia, and it has a stench of desperation.  Scot, John McTernan, has made an art form of manufacturing dirt on opponents of Labour in the UK and now Labor in Australia. It is indeed ludicrous that Abbott’s uni days could in any way be compared to Gillard’s criminal background. But the Press will run with anything anti-Abbott. He has always desisted from personal attacks on Gillard, although it must be tempting to do so. He has consistently attacked policies only…  and it will pay off for him. All opponents of Gillard should look out for the professional muckraking of McTernan. He is very, very good at it. Trouble is it has invariably blown up in the socialists’ faces. It is an indictment on Gillard that she would stoop to employ renowned UK grubs of McTernan’s calibre to counter her own background in communism and union fraud.

He who throws dirt loses ground.