Liberal Senator, Linda Reynolds has called for women to be able to play contact sport with men. So how about that? Half-witted feminists are not the sole domain of Labor and the Greens in the Senate, even on International Women's Day!

This Women’s Day is not doing a lot for women, with some crazy idea that women have suddenly become the equal of men physically, and in the grey matter department. They are neither, on average!

In all my years playing Aussie Rules and smashing blokes, I never had an inclination to smash a sheila… well not in a footy match anyway! And if women were to be included in any male match they had better have 18 ambulances loaded with paramedics waiting outside the gate.

Look, I’m not advocating the Aboriginal or Islamic treatment of women where they are considered nothing more than procreational tools but to suggest women are the equal of men in anything except having babies is madness. That’s why there are male and female divisions in all sports. 

And I hate to say it but that is also why there will never be equal pay in anything other than Grand Slam tennis.

That tennis imbalance is due entirely to the relentless lobbying of homosexual Billie Jean King and it’s now copping a lot of flak because women play a much less exhausting form of tennis and only against each other.

                Billie Jean King who flicked her husband Larry (left) for her hair stylist. 

                                                       Come fly with me

And when you get another little homosexual leprechaun like Alan Joyce, it leads to an inane list of nomenclatures he/she doesn’t want used at all: “Man, woman, love, girl, boy, guys, husband, wife, etc” are all out, he (it) said, “and” he pleaded, “avoid the terms ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ and do not refer to the arrival of the British as a ‘settlement’”. 

It also urged male staff to avoid interrupting women: A serious offence known as manterrupting and mansplaining, but it agreed that its exclusive "QANTAS Chairman’s Lounge" should remain. What a little un-Australian wanker it is!

It’s an embarrassment to have an Australian CEO of an international company like QANTAS who not only promotes gay marriage and itself as a homosexual but employs anyone with a limp wrist or anyone who walks funny and has a slight lisp.

Since the dodgy equal Marriage Bill nonsense, the idolisation of homosexuals and feminists has reached deification proportions. They have simply rejected and forgotten that they are a tiny percentage of a population of normal people who are prepared to tolerate them… just!

Of course there are a few ruckmen and front rowers who prefer lacy undies but they are men who want to be women, not women who want to be men… and there are a few with blokes’ haircuts in women’s footy, but to suggest they could compete in men’s games is not only crazy, it’s downright dangerous. 

Particularly now that they tell us we need to show women more respect. So how can we show them more respect when we have just ripped their bra and head-band off and about to knock them out cold with a stiff arm? 

And what about those rugby scrums? 

Blokes who have spent their careers with their hands up each others’ shorts could                                   spend the entire match looking for something to grab hold of.

Okay so I realise I’m a troglodyte, but I still refuse to allow a woman to buy me a drink, let alone go halves in dinner. I still open doors for women and stand when they enter a room, I don’t sit down until women are seated and I don’t grab a handful of yummy stuff unless I’m virtually invited to. I dunno, that’s how I grew up and I’m not bloody changing it!

At my insistence my first wife of 40 years (she died of cancer) never worked and nor has my second wife. Not one of my children has ever arrived home to an empty house. A mother has always been there even if I had to work three jobs. How things have changed.

Yep, they have changed all right, kids today are running riot on drugs and in gangs,                                                  without a mother or a father in sight.

Righto you sheilas, when you get out of the shower tonight, stand in front of the mirror and ask yourselves what those wide hips are for… what those two mammary glands are for, and what that yummy thing between your legs is for. They are not there for us blokes 'cos we can easily live without them. 

                            But, someone is asking, who cannot live without them?