The crack Seals team that killed Osama bin Laden is in training to take out the Zika Kid when ordered to. Should be a piece of cake compared to bin Laden who hid within a stone's throw of a major Pakistani military base. The poor bastard who fingered bin Laden's whereabouts to the US still rots in a Pakistani gaol without his $US20 million reward money. Hmmm, but everyone knows where the Zika Kid is.

A pre-emptive strike on the Kid himself will leave his joke of an aging military running around in circles in their ill-fitting uniforms trying to find someone who can take over who the Kid hasn’t already murdered.

Forget sanctions, they only hurt his already starving population. The gout stricken Kid, like Putin, will still enjoy his Goût de Diamants Champagne and Beluga caviar. Selectively bombing North Korea’s infrastructure will likely leave 50 million South Koreans exposed to a nuclear attack with at least 200,000 lying dead in Seoul and maybe Tokyo.

                                   Why buy a dog if you intend barking yourself

Trump’s newly liberated Generals will already have plans in place to shove a Mother Of All Bombs, up his fat flabby arse to suck every last vestige of oxygen from the air up to a mile around, or put a bullet in his ugly head while he regularly masturbates over child porn… and surprisingly either course will be with the agreement of China. 

Kill the Kid first in order to leave his dysfunctional military heading for the hills.

There is no-one who can assume leadership among his sycophantic band of fools, he has murdered anyone, including in his own family, who remotely appears to be foreman material.

Only when the Kid is dead, can unification of the Korean Peninsular begin. Tear down the DMZ and allow starving Koreans to flood south to a world they didn’t know existed. And allow South Koreans to flood North to where estranged families still wait. A united Korea will then become a shining Asian light within the region.

                                     Children slave their lives away in the fields

      The Kid has announced to his starving peasants that dog is their new super food

North Koreans have been convinced that the colour red is actually blue…how can their “Dear Leader” and 25 million chanting peasants be wrong? Indoctrination since birth has twisted the minds of billions including the world’s practising Muslims. 

It’s time to lift the covers and expose the pitch.

If the US can snuff out the Kid’s latest ICBM, which it likely did, he too can be snuffed out. He is no Gaddafi, Hussein or al-Assad… he is a spoilt brat encased in a delusional world of self-imposed grandeur only he is addicted to. His “generals” will never support him simply because many are in fear of execution.

Obama's terms of engagement left the enemy safe and his soldiers in peril… any sane person could be forgiven for believing he was batting for the other side  

The Zika Kid cannot be mucked around with. Take him out and his dynasty goes with him… we have more important tyrants like Turkey's Erdogan to worry about.