A prize-winning former NY Times journalist has analysed the death data out of Australia and says it’s “frightening”!

Quick update:

Hot on the heels of Nation First’s report today on jab deaths, prize-winning former New York Times reporter (and author of PandemiaAlex Berenson has analysed the death data out of Australia, on his Substack publication Unreported Truths. He says the results showing an increase in mortality over 21% are “frightening”. And he’s right.

Less than half of these deaths are attributable to COVID which is a statement on the efficacy of the jabs in itself, given that the federal Department of Health reports that 95% of the Australia population aged 16 and over are “vaccinated”.

But what is causing the other deaths? Could it be the mRNA injections?

Read Berenson’s report here:


This article first appeared in Nationfirst.substack.com

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