Scott Morrison is making a lot of noise in the media of late about forcing Australians to have a vaccine passport just to travel within our own country.  WTH?

A number of private companies are also indicating that they will introduce coercive measures to force people to take the COVID-19 clot shot (vaccine).

It is wrong, it is discriminatory and worse than a bad sci-fi horror movie.

This is an unimaginable attack on our freedoms that harks back to the oppressive communist manifesto of demanding papers and ID of people just to live and travel within their own country.

Not to mention the unethical medical experimentation on the masses.

George Christensen MP is tackling this tyrannical measure head on.

If you oppose COVID-19 vaccine passports, please sign the attached petition to help him with the fight.

No Vaccine Passports — GEORGE CHRISTENSEN MP