Dear Richardson Post readers,

As you are all more than aware, we are in trouble.

Never before has our freedom of movement, our right to work and our right to meet our basic needs as human beings been dependent upon a mandated medical treatment that has not been fully tested.

The most frightening part is that a lot of our politicians seem to be right on board with this, to heck with the Constitution and our human rights.

In fact, I think it was just yesterday that Gladys said that being “allowed” to go back to work was an incentive to get the “vaccine”.   She’s a gem.

I am outraged and I am appalled by the actions and soulless mindset of these petty tyrants in government. I am terrified and heart sick for the working-class people who are most under the boot of this fascism.

Out of the darkness always comes some light. There are a few good eggs in this otherwise evil lot of politicians that are working hard for our human rights and Russell Broadbent is one of them.

Would you please write to Russell and let him know how you feel so he can fight for the cause and please send it as far and wide as you can.  I will be.

Time is of the essence.


Nurse Ratched

WE HAVE TODAY TO EMAIL ….. voicing your opposition to a vaccine passport . 

Russell Broadbent is the standing Liberal member for Monash, he has put out a video (link below ) asking for the community not only in his electorate but Australia wide to email him with their opposition to a Vaccine passport. 

Russell Broadbent MP is asking for support, 

Email Russell Broadbent :

Much love and energy

Craig Cole

Victorian Coordinator