By Jared Taylor at American Renaissance,

American universities are run by fanatics. They are fanatics for DEI, “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” University fanatics turn students into fanatics. The result is contempt for whites and everything they have ever done, ever more stifling of dissent, and the glorification of what earlier generations would have thought absurd, ugly, and even psychotic. Some people are finally fighting back. That’s progress. But those people will fail if they can’t break the taboo on which the entire DEI racket is built.

Recent outrages show how deep the rot has gone. Last month, students at Stanford Law School invited Judge Kyle Duncan of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to give a talk.

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

His subject was how appeals courts interact with the Supreme Court, but students treated him like a grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. Why? Because his court denied the appeal of a man in prison on kiddie-porn charges, who insisted on being referred to as “she” and “her.”

Judge Duncan wrote that courts don’t have the power to control language, but the law students thought he “denied a trans person’s existence.” As the judge walked toward the lecture hall, he ran a gauntlet of about 100 students, some with faces painted in rainbow colors, waving banners, and shouting obscenities. One yelled “We hope your daughters get raped.” Even I have never gotten *that* from a hostile audience.

He tried to give his talk but was shouted down. But what happened next was worse. Judge Duncan asked if there were someone from the administration. There was: Tirien Steinbach, associate dean for – DEI. She came to the podium and gave prepared remarks. You see, this was an ambush.

She had asked for an uproar ahead of time and knew she would then speak. Judge Duncan is standing just off to the right. Dean Steinbach claimed to believe in free speech, but spent six minutes telling the judge his work “feels abhorrent” and “caused harm.” She concluded with this: “I look out [at this room] and I don’t ask, ‘What’s going on here?’ I look out and I say, ‘I’m glad this is going on here.’ ” She was proud of students who acted like babies. And she proved what we already know: “Diversity and inclusion” mean censorship and loathing.

The administration later made a half-hearted apology to Judge Duncan, but the law school dean wrote to the student group that invited the judge, asking it to “consider pausing [your] student organization social media accounts until this news cycle winds down” and “try your best not to engage on Twitter.” In other words, “after we censored you, now censor yourselves.”

Stanford is considered a top law school, and these students are supposed to be the best of the best.

Dean Steinbach is reportedly on leave, but she has backers in high places: “Law Profs’ Petition Backs Stanford DEI Dean’s ‘Unimpeachable Approach’ With An ‘Obviously Repellent’ Federal Judge.”

Yep, this is a petition by law professors!

Universities – the word is related to universal, meaning a place where *everything* is discussed – are aggressively closed minded. If you didn’t already know they are brainwashing camps, you’d know it from the faculty. This is an excellent article from Academic Questions: “Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty.”

The author found out their political affiliations and reported them in this graph:

This is the ratio of Democrat to Republican professors in different departments. As you can see from the top, in engineering, there are 1.6 Democrats to every Republican, but even in chemistry, Republicans are outnumbered 5.2 to one. Down towards the bottom, English Departments are 48 to one, religion departments – where you might expect some conservatism – are 70 to one, and in anthropology and communications, there are no Republicans at all. And this doesn’t include the grievance majors: black studies, women’s studies, Hispanics studies. Women professors are about *three times* more likely to be Democrats than male professors, so as women take over, universities become even more fanatical.

Overall, the Democrat to Republican ratio is 13 to one, but as you can see, most of the Republicans are in science where there is less outright insanity. But even Phys[ics].org wants to explain “How Indigenous knowledge advances modern science and technology.”

In Australia we have to study “Aboriginal knowledge for the science curriculum.”

Once fanatics dominate, it’s almost impossible to get them out. If everyone on the hiring committee is a lefty nut, only lefty nuts get jobs. So, you’d think a college campus – already drenched with DEI – would be the last place that needed DEI officers. Wrong. According to the Wall Street Journal, “the average major university now has 45 DEI personnel. The University of Michigan has 163 DEI officers. Ohio State and the University of Virginia each have 94.”

These are professional, well-paid, full-time busybody zealots, like the lovely Tirien Steinbach of Stanford. And of course, every department at Stanford has its own DEI statement. Here’s the Structural Biology department of the Medical School, for heaven’s sake, going on about how awful and racist the department, Stanford, and the world are.

Nowadays good luck even getting into med school if you aren’t a fanatic – or at least claim to be one. “Top Med Schools Weed Out DEI-Skeptical Applicants, New Report Finds.”

Fighting racism is more important than learning medicine, so for some of the best schools, you have to make a profession of faith to be considered for admission.

The latest graduating class of doctors from Columbia Medical School recited a new Hippocratic Oath, in which they vowed to “recognize systems of oppression,” “build a future grounded in restoration and equity,” “disrupt injustices,” and “confront unconscious prejudices.”

The students insisted on this.

At the University of Minnesota, the new docs include a land acknowledgement in their oath before they promise to fight “white supremacy,” promote “anti-racism,” and “honor all Indigenous ways of healing.”

These days, the only way to be a real star is to be super-looney. “’Pan-Africanist’ professor seeks destruction of ‘White’ American economy through a ‘political revolution’.”

That’s Melina Abdullah of Cal State Los Angeles, who says violent, white-supremacist-patriarchal-heteronormative-capitalism must be smashed because it was designed to oppress black people.

Her page also says she is an expert on “womanist mothering” and that, not surprisingly, she’s single.

And then there’s the “ ‘Woke’ University of Pittsburgh professor [who] denies difference in male, female skeletons.”

Gabby Yearwood of University of Pittsburgh made that claim in a public debate, and when students chuckled, he insisted he was the expert because he has a PhD in anthropology.

He teaches the usual nonsense: “the structures, systems and processes of society at every level are established on a belief that non-whites are inferior.”

Ellie Hisama is professor of music at Columbia University and dean of the Toronto University music school.

This page says, “Her research and teaching have addressed issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and the social and political dimensions of music,” and that she was “Founding Director of Future Sound 6ix, a program for racialized female-identifying and gender non-conforming youth.”

She has been showered with honors and awards.

And then there is Dan-el Padilla Peralta, whose parents brought him to the US when he was four so his mother could get medical treatment she couldn’t get in the Dominican Republic. He got a full scholarship to Princeton, fellowships to Oxford and Stanford, and now he’s professor of classics – the study of Greece and Rome – at Princeton.

As the New York Times Magazine notes, “He Wants to Save Classics From Whiteness. Can the Field Survive?” Probably not.

This Dominican says the field is “equal parts vampire and cannibal,” and that to study classical civilization is to justify slavery, racism, colonialism and Nazism, that classics have breathed racism into every aspect of higher education and so the field should probably just die.

And here is our old pal, Drexel University Professor George Ciccariello, who once tweeted “All I want for Christmas is White Genocide.”

And my favorite, Brittney Cooper of Rutgers University who says that white people are so dreadful that there is only one solution: “Take these MF-ers out.”

Credit: New America, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

This loathing for the West has been building for a long time. Arnold Toynbee, who lived from 1889 to 1975, was one of the most influential historians of his time. He taught at Kings College and the London School of Economics.

His 12-volume A Study of History was hugely popular and was reprinted many times in abridged editions.

In 1964 – believe it or not – he wrote an article for the New York Times called “Why I Dislike Western Civilization.”

He had what he called a “formidable reason.” “The West has produced two world wars; it has produced Communism, Fascism and National Socialism; it has produced Mussolini and Hitler and McCarthy.” He went on: “Now that my German fellow‐Westerners have murdered six million Jews, how can I be certain that my English fellow‐countrymen might not do something equally criminal?”

There’s more: “I should feel my spirits rise if, instead of being Hitler’s fellow‐Westerner — as I am — I could be Gandhi’s fellow‐Hindu. . . . But I cannot escape Hitler. This fellow Westerner of mine . . . is going to haunt me for the rest of my West‐bound life.”

In 1964, hatred of the West was not widespread, and I suspect Toynbee was only half serious – half showing off. In the same essay he wrote: “Classical Western music is music for my ears. When I hear jazz, I become uneasy and turn hostile. I feel my traditional world being victoriously invaded by tropical Africa.”

My guess is Toynbee had no idea of the degeneracy he was helping unleash, and he probably thought Western Civilization was so great and powerful it could survive any assault.

If can’t. Despite its wonders and achievements, it needs defenders. More and more people now know the West really could go under, and they are determined to save at least some bits of wreckage that white self-loathing and BIPOC viciousness have not utterly destroyed. But as we’ll see next week, despite some progress, the people who think they are going to save our civilization are afraid to take the decisive step. And without it, they will achieve nothing.

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