By Jared Taylor at American Renaissance

The only way to stop it.

In last week’s video, I explained that today, higher education is brainwashing. The Left has taken over, and there is only one point of view on race, diversity, anthropology, culture, history, biology, and even the goals of American society. This is terrible for the country. There actually are some jobs that require college education: public health, research, medicine, engineering. Also, government policy analysts almost all have degrees. Virtually everyone in these important jobs is so filled with lefty nonsense he can’t think straight.

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Personnel is policy. An American president may want to build the wall, deport illegals, keep out undesirables, punish rioters, end welfare fraud, and even put America first, but if the three million bureaucrats who are supposed to work for him hate him, he can’t do it.

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Washington, DC is where the top bureaucrats live. Do you know what percent of the DC vote Donald Trump got in 2020? Five point four percent.

The state of Florida is at least trying to dilute the propaganda. Last year, Governor Ron DeSantis led the legislature in passing the Stop WOKE Act.

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It was supposed to ban training in Critical Race Theory in schools, universities, and private companies. The law said you couldn’t teach that people of a particular race or sex are morally superior to others. Or that they are responsible for what people of the same race or sex did in the past, should feel guilty about it, or be made to pay for it. Or that it’s OK to discriminate in the name of diversity. Or that standards were set up to oppress certain people.

But just a few months later, US District Judge Mark Walker ruled the law unconstitutional, except in K through 12 schools.

And so, in Florida, theoretically, you can’t make all the white boys in fourth grade stand up and recite all the unfair privileges they have. That’s good.

And just this year, we got this headline: “Florida College System presidents reject ‘woke’ ideologies in support of DeSantis’ vision.”

They called for education that is “free from indoctrination, an environment open to the pursuit of truth and the cultivation of intellectual autonomy for all students.”

That’s good, too. But the Florida College System is community colleges and second-tier state colleges. It’s the university system that gets all the money and prestige, and has fought Governor DeSantis all the way.

People who have staggered back to civilization after teaching in one of these brainwashing camps know how bad they are. “’Institutions are under siege from maniacs’: Portland State professor says ‘wokism’ is a ‘powerful mind virus’.”

This article is about philosophy professor Peter Boghossian who resigned in disgust. He says, “Portland State University is a festering ideological cesspool. I wouldn’t even send a dog there.” He explains that students aren’t taught to think but to submit to wokism, and that it’s racist to resist. Oddly, Mr. “Boghossian wondered why ‘liberal media outlets’ haven’t asked to interview him” about why he quit.

Doesn’t he realize that journalists go to college?

At least he is trying to fight back. He’s helping to start something called the University of Austin. Its website claims, “We’re building a university dedicated to the fearless pursuit of truth.”

“Fearless pursuit of truth” sounds good, but can we believe it? You may know about some of the people who sit on the board of advisors. Some have paid a price for saying unfashionable things. For now, remember the name Jonathan Haidt.

Here’s the rest of the crew, and you may recognize more names.

They won’t set up another Portland State University – at least not right away.

But back to Jonathan Haidt. He is the main guy at something called Heterodox Academy, which was started in 2015, and is supposed to be dedicated to “promoting the ideals of viewpoint diversity, open inquiry, and constructive disagreement.”

Open inquiry. But look who else is claiming to believe in open inquiry. Cornel West, who wants us all to be “mutually empowered.”

And what are the chances that David Brooks, the tame conservative at the New York Times, is going to rock the boat?

Nathan Cofnas, who is a fellow on the philosophy faculty at Cambridge, has been following Heterodox Academy.

He laid the place bare in an excellent article called “Four Reasons Why Heterodox Academy Failed.”

He argues that under the leadership of Dr. Haidt, “It has focused mainly on aggrandizing celebrity academics who hold conventional leftist views, and giving a platform to liberals to engage in empty virtue signaling about their alleged commitment to free inquiry. Scholars whose work is genuinely heterodox have been systematically marginalized.”

Here he gets to the heart of the problem: “HxA [Heterodox Academy] Won’t Support Heterodoxy on the Most Important Topic.” And what’s that?

“Wokeism is built upon an ideological certitude about the origins of inequality: all groups have the same distribution of innate potential, and all differences favoring whites or men are due to past or present white racism or sexism. The whole ideology stands or falls on this empirical claim. Therefore, the greatest taboo in our society is to consider alternative explanations for inequality, particularly those that implicate natural differences in the distribution of traits among racial groups.”

That’s where the insanity begins. People who claim to be conservatives have to be able to say – out loud and in public – “Blacks and Hispanics don’t do as well as whites and Asians because the races are, by nature, different.” People who don’t dare to talk about differences in average IQ and temperament have no defense against even the craziest lefties. If you concede, even through clenched teeth, that blacks are inherently just as smart and hard-working as Asians, the only explanation for black degeneracy is awful white people.

If you can’t talk about low IQ and low impulse control, or about race differences in testosterone levels, how can you possibly explain why any given black man is 18 times more likely than any given white man to kill someone. Look at the numbers in the bottom row: 64.4 black murderers per 100,000 black men. Three point five white murderers per 100,000 white men.

These are colossal differences. If the races are perfectly equal in every way, it must take ferocious racism to cause this. Every aspect of society, from traffic stops to SAT testing to math instruction to the Oscars to standards of any kind must be drenched in hatred and set up impossible barriers for blacks. There is no other explanation for black failure. Only vicious, appalling racism.

Can’t actually find white people who are trying to grind down black people? They grind down blacks without even trying – without even knowing they are doing it – because they are stuffed with white privilege and unconscious racism and are inherently bad. Statues of Robert E. Lee must make blacks shoot each other.

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Or maybe words like “blacklist” or “master bedroom” make them shoot each other. And clearly, asking them to be on time or speak proper English makes them rush right out and steal a gun.

This sounds absurd; it is absurd. But in the absurd world we live in, it’s logical. It’s inevitable. If anyone who talks honestly about race is so obviously wrong that he must be canceled and persecuted and fired and muzzled, how else do you explain black failure that won’t go away? Racism must be even more insidiously powerful and white people even more perverse than even the Black Panthers thought 60 years ago.

No wonder Kamau Kambon said the only solution is to exterminate all white people.

That’s a reasonable solution if we do horrible things to black people without even trying, and we can’t be cured even with all the DEI in the world.

What is Ron DeSantis going to say if someone asks him flat out: “How do you explain black poverty and crime?

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Are you telling us black people are inferior, Mr. DeSantis?” How’s he going to answer? Mumble something about absent fathers and a culture that doesn’t value education? “Don’t you realize white slave traders destroyed their culture, Mr. DeSantis?”

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There is no way out for white people unless they can look blacks and Hispanics in the eye and say, “You are poor, in prison, and do worse in school because of who you are. It’s not – I repeat, not – our fault. In fact, you are the most coddled and petted minorities in the history of the world. You know what happens when blacks get rid of white people? They get Haiti.

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They get Zimbabwe. They get East Saint Louis. And now they’re getting South Africa.”

Could Ron DeSantis say that? Could Donald Trump? Can even one American elected official or college professor say that? Until we can tell and defend the truth, we have to live by someone else’s truth, and we have lost the argument before we even open our mouths. If you don’t dare talk about race, every bit of woke lunacy follows naturally, and you can’t explain why it’s lunacy.

We have a huge advantage. We’re right and they’re wrong. So, what’s the problem? Cowardice. Cowardice that would astonish and mortify our ancestors. And we will never win if we are afraid even to fight.