By Harry Richardson

With Tucker Carlson ousted from Fox News, there has been endless speculation as to the reason.

The most obvious culprit is the Dominion voting machines lawsuit which cost Fox News over 700 million bucks.

That sounds like an obvious candidate for firing their top anchor, but frankly, I think it could be just a smoke screen.

Other Fox personalities such as Sean Hannity spoke far more aggressively about Dominion. By comparison, Tucker was even handed.

In fact, he suggested that he didn’t know if the machines were rigged and said that even if they were, that it was unlikely to have made much difference.

Then there is a lawsuit by Abbey Grossberg who made claims of sexism and, of course, Anti-Semitism whilst working for Tucker’s team.

In fact, Fox News generally is considered to have a rather less than progressive culture. Grossberg had, in fact worked previously for Maria Bartiromo and had similar problems there too.

The likelihood is, that Fox will settle this lawsuit as part of ‘business as usual’ and keep on keeping on.

Tucker has pushed back hard against the accepted narrative for a long time but is really stretching the envelope on a number of topics which the powers that be would sooner see left alone.

He has been Anti war for a long time and has been critisised for that. He also landed the coup of receiving the January 6th footage and aired some of it on prime time.

This upset Rupert Murdock intensely according to “sources”.

Most of all, however, the establishment are terrified of another Trump Presidency. They are pulling all the stops out and most importantly are deplatforming or defunding anyone who still supporting him.

The 800 pound gorilla in that sense – is Tucker Carlson and my guess is that they used the Dominion suit as an excuse.

The fact is that without Tucker, Fox News has nothing special to give and we should go full Bud Light on them.

Fox news stabbed Trump in the back with its 2020 election coverage by the appalling Chris Wallace who was calling states for Biden before they were even decided.

When, not if, Tucker gets a new platform we should consider supporting him. If his millions of fans each gave a dollar a week, he could probably buy Fox news.

Tucker, if you are reading this, there is always a place for you on The Richardson Post and you can praise Donald Trump as much as you like on here.