Ex-CIA Chief, Mik Morell, tells the truth about the Biden junta’s role in overthrow of the U.S. Government on November 3, 2020


By Howell Woltz

Shortly before the 2020 election, the New York Post published its article about the Biden family’s lurid crimes.

These included Hunter’s selfie porn and proof of selling out the nation for cash.

Just days later, a co-ordinated lie was crafted with the intel community, and was then spread to its complicit media to prevent truth from being told.

Why did Morell participate in this high crime punishable by death?  According to the ex-CIA Chief himself under oath before Congress, “Because I wanted him [Joe Biden] to win the election.”

51 former intel chiefs and chiefettes – including both sides of the Uniparty RINO/Marxist cleavage – proved their Marxist bonafides by lying to the world, claiming the information verified by the New York Post was ‘Russian disinformation’.


I’m glad you asked.  This is no start-up rag, folks, it is the oldest newspaper in America, started by one of its Founders, Alexander Hamilton.

The laptop itself was vetted by Miranda Devine – a rigorous Australian teller of truth – who told the facts backed up by Hunter Biden’s own e-mails, notes, disgusting pictures/videos and evidence of criminal activity selling influence and access to Joe Biden for cash – lots and lots of cash. Billions, in fact.

These traitors to their nation and its people must immediately lose top secret clearances and be held in custody as ‘flight risks’


Again….I’m glad you asked. 

Anthony Blinken, a diehard Marxist from the Biden presidential campaign against Donald Trump in 2020, contacted ex-CIA Chief Morell.

Blinken asked Morell to co-ordinate with his fellow intel folk to sign the lie about the “laptop from Hell” as Miranda Devine famously called Hunter’s record of his own family’s crimes.

This same device had been in the hands of the conniving FBI since December of 2019.

It was given to them by the repair shop owner, who had legal possession of it – and the FBI had assessed its veracity.

Sadly, but predictably, they also chose to cover up for the Biden Crime Family as a partner in the criminal enterprise now being disclosed.

While the information was knowingly true, the Biden campaign persuaded 51 of these intel pervs to jump on board the Treason Train within just three days of the Post’s reveal.

Blinken was anointed Biden’s Secretary of State as reward for this crime.

Meanwhile, the Social Media co-conspirators clamped down on this news as part of the criminal conspiracy, shuttering the truth from the American people that would have admittedly changed the outcome of the election.

That is not speculation on my part, but the result of multiple polls showing Trump would have won 6 of the 7 battleground states, even without considering the rampant election fraud now disclosed. 

Understand that fact?  Not even Democrats would have voted for Joe Biden had they known the truth about him and his perverted family of traitors to America.

FACT- Perhaps worse, America’s oldest newspaper was silenced by then State-controlled Twitter.

That was disclosed by its new owner – Elon Musk, who found backdoors used by government agencies and operatives to shut down dissent and free speech against Biden, Marxists, and Deep State agents.

That also changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

As the ex-CIA chief admitted when asked why he broke the law, “Because I wanted him [Joe Biden] to win the election.”

This is also a federal crime pursuant to 18 U.S.C. §§241, 242 (denial of rights under colour of law and a conspiracy to do so) but let’s focus on the treason.


Joe Biden had no chance of winning the election and the Marxists knew it.

The Covid release was co-ordinated between the Department of Défense and the CCP.

It was timed to produce an environment to justify lockdowns and draconian measures that could allow mail-in ballots and ‘harvesting’ of them.

These are the most notorious methods for rigging and stealing elections, according to Democrat President Jimmy Carter and Republican James Baker in their famous report from 2005.

FACT-in 2020- The U.S. Census Bureau claims there were 153.07 million registered voters.

FACT- 2020- statista.com claims a record 66.7% of them voted, which is 102.09 legal votes.

QUESTION? – So how did 158.2 million ‘votes’ accrue for Joe Biden, Donald Trump and the third party candidates for president, when Trump won this?


That, by the way, is the map – county, by county – of Trump versus Biden.  Only the Zuckerberg vote-rigging centres in major Democrat-run cities saved them.

But no federal agency or court has done this simple math that I did above using only government figures.

So we’re left now with nothing but the clear evidence that federal government agencies and the Marxist/RINO Uniparty chose to lie and cover up evidence to swing the 2020 election.

That my friends, is no different than taking the nation by arms.

Taking the country by force might have been more honourable, actually, but these punk hacks and pols are traitors, nonetheless, and must be treated as such.

In their savage Marxist mentality, they deemed that when the devastating evidence of the Biden Crime Family’s activities were on the front-page of the nation’s oldest newspaper, no chances could be taken, so just two weeks before the 2020 election, the FBI, CIA, HSA, CISA and their Marxist allies of Social and Unsocial Media stuffed the story and lied – and de-platformed those of us who were publishing the facts (including your humble Scribe).

While it is clear from the actual numbers cited above, that absent 56 million fake and ‘ghost’ ballots, Donald J. Trump, is not only President but won in a landslide.

The fact that might finally get these criminals put in the dock for treason, is their illegal suppression of fact and truth tellers by pushing lies from those we’ve been taught to trust – U.S. government intel and security agencies.

Until every one of these criminals is charged with sedition and their former agencies shuttered, truth and our way of life is in danger.

They overthrew the Government of the United States, and until just punishment is meted upon them, none of us are safe from them or their un-Constitutional creations.

Howell Woltz
The Richardson Post