Last week Anthony Albanese admitted to never reading the 26-page manifesto which shaped Uluru Statement from the Heart, but that hasn’t stopped him vowing to implement it in full.

I’ve got to admit that this revelation left me, Nurse Ratched, in shock. A sitting Prime Minister is proposing a major change to the Constitution that has governed us since the 1890’s and he hasn’t bothered to get across the detail, or in his words ‘why would I’.

This is an appalling attitude from the so called leader of Australia.

The 26-page explanation of the statement calls for reparations, ‘rent’ to be paid, a reconsideration of land rights and a re-writing of Australia’s history, pretty well all the things we were told a constitutional change of the Voice would not include.

If you haven’t read it yet, see below. The salient points have been highlighted for your convenience.