Everyone I know is aware that there’s an anti-white, anti-West, anti-Anglosphere agenda. What is the name? How do we deal with it? How do we unmask the nastiness, get it to shrivel in the light of facts?

We know that references to anything good about whites, the West, European culture, Anglo culture, lead to denigration and attack: You’re a Nazi, you’re another Hitler, a racist.

Along comes Harry Richardson with his quiet, clear, excellently researched and documented Anglphobia: the Unrecognized HatredPoint by point, example by example, a damning case is made about this unrecognized hatred in quiet clear language. The book may be about a dangerous massive hatred, but the tone is absolutely unheated.

But getting the book into the world is only a tiny part of what Harry is aiming to do. Rome, as the saying goes, was not build in a day. Neither can Harry’s plans be put into action just like that. But he is acting, step by step, including through having support.

Here is the replay. Below the replay, a video I did in 2010 on the need for white pride, in addition to all the other pride movements. But there was no traction. We need traction – and Harry is slowly building that through, for instance, short videos. You’ll find links to 2 of them – with one of Harry’s core points: whites / European-origin people / Anglos need to form an ethnic voting block.