The Cold Truth on Global Warming

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This is the dramatic story of how an eccentric environmental speculation grew into a powerful global scare industry; it is the story of the corruption of science, the defrauding of taxpayers, the destruction of reliable energy, the bullying of anyone who dares question the narrative and a hidden agenda for shortages, rationing, environmental destruction and global control.

The film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. In fact, we are currently near the end of a warm interlude in an ice age and there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past.

It features the heroes of the climate sceptic world such as:
Patrick Moore

Prof Will Happer

Dr Willie Soon

Dr Roy Spencer

Prof John Christie

Prof Ross McKitrick

Prof Steven Coonin

Prof Henrick Svensmark

Dr Matthew Wielicki

Tom Nelson

Tony Heller

Nia Shariv

Dr Benny Pieser

Prof Sallie Baliunas

Dr John Clauser

Austin Williams

Clair Fox

Dr Stephen Davies

Well worth watching!