This is not an ordinary article. It is more of a request for help from our regular commenters. The new platform has lots of great features but is slightly different than the old one. I know it isn’t easy to teach an old dog new tricks, but we can at least try to lay things out for you. Unfortunately, I have limited knowledge of the comments system and Brendan simply doesn’t have time.

Still, we understand that many of you are missing some of the features of the old site. However, I suspect that many of those features are still there – if you know where to look.

Therefore, I wanted to ask those of you who don’t understand the thing to ask questions and those with the knowledge to provide answers. If we can, we would then like to collate these questions and answers into a short manual which we could make available on the site somewhere.

Please don’t leave off topic comments on this article. Let’s keep it clean for the subject in hand. I have deliberately put a new article up just after this one for that reason.

If anyone wants to collate all this stuff onto a Word document and post it to us at it would be greatly appreciated

I will start it off with a couple of helpful explanations I have come across in the comments section already.

This one

Hi Brendan, time for a little “User Manual” for the site. I love what you have done to dramatically improve the site but many regulars appear not to realise that taping on the little person with flower icon box left of the “you are logged on as…. brings up pages and pages of their comments, and if they select a comment by touching it, they are taken to their comment where they can see who has responded to their post. Once they have read and responded, they can go back to their comments via the return arrow. It is a fantastic mechanism and it is brilliant to use – for those in the know!

….and this one

You ask how to easily find your comments. So….
 Use the “jump to comments” action under the join the conversation – right hand side of screen in blue type.
 Immediately above the join the conversation box is a little black bust of a person with a flower.
 Click on that and it will bring up all your past comments. Pages of them. They are easy to go through as it displays the first line of each comment and which article it relates to.
 Pick the one you want to check and see who has commented via the small down arrow on the right hand side.
This app can be used as often as you desire. Very handy. I credit this entire system with assisting in making the system more user friendly and civil.
Cheers. Hope this helps.

And then,

an excellent tutorial on how to set up an account on Gravatar so you can upload an image to your avatar Click here to be redirected