Here at the Pickering Post, we have always had a soft spot for the underdog. We love to root for the battlers, the people who will stand up for what they believe, even when all the rest are against them.

We love people who will call out the “settled science” and stand alone; even when all the others call them a crank and their ideas ludicrous. We love people who have insisted, against all the “expert opinion,” that the Earth goes around the Sun, that the Earth is round, and we can’t fall off the edge. We love people who are prepared to argue the most unfashionable ideas such as that Islam isn’t a religion of peace, that there are only two genders and that Florida probably won’t be underwater by 2016.

When we met Fraser Anning and saw how he didn’t back down to our mainstream media who insisted that using the phrase “final solution” meant that he was “literally Hitler,” we knew he would fit right in here on the Post.

To his credit, he hasn’t disappointed us. The Federal Government recently moved a motion to prevent migrants accessing welfare for at lease 4 years. A move that most of us who have to pay for this largess would loudly applaud.

However, the Government left a gaping hole in the legislation for the one group of people who are drawn to welfare like flies to compost.

Asylum seekers (read “country shoppers”) would be exempt from this sensible legislation and would be welcome to access our money from day one. With studies showing 89% of this class of people being welfare dependent after 5 years in the country, clearly this was a blatant political stunt which would clamp down on everyone except the people who needed clamping down on.

Senator Anning proposed an amendment to the bill so that it would include all migrants. To his credit, Senator Brian Burston seconded the bill but then voted against it.

In the following picture you can see, on the left are all the Senators who voted for Senator Anning’s amendment. On the right are all those Senators who want to hand over my hard-earned dough to anyone who can afford to pay the people smugglers to get them here once Bill Shorten takes over.

Opinion is divided on this issue.

I’m looking at this picture and trying to decide which of these Senators I would like to see re-elected. It’s a tough one alright.

I have to hand it to Anning on this one. This amendment, had it got up, would have emptied Nauru pretty much overnight and fixed our people smuggling problem at the stroke of a pen. What a shame that none of the other conservatives were prepared to back him (and us). Where were they all?

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