Well, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The usual suspects are all blowing gaskets at the thought that the British people will be able to get what they voted for.

Boris the Bold has pulled the rug from under them and boy are they not happy. One particularly outraged character is the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Berkow.

He already has form when it comes to undermining Brexit. During previous debates, he decided to unilaterally reinterpret centuries of Parliamentary protocol, telling shocked colleagues that, “If we were guided only by precedent, manifestly nothing in our procedures would ever change. Things do change.”

The speaker’s role is meant to be an extremely passive one, so this display was one of breath-taking arrogance.

When Boris pulled the plug on the re-opening of Parliament, Berkow cut short his holiday in Turkey, calling the leading Tory remoaner MP Sir Oliver Letwin to plot ways that they could undermine the Prime Minister and reconvene Parliament – so they could undermine the will of the British people.

Letwin apparently had several schemes in the pipeline to once again block Brexit once Parliament resumed.

One of the main drivers (if not the main driver) of Brexit was a determination of the British to retake control of their borders.

Why these two elitist Jewish MPs would be so keen to keep the disastrous open borders policies of the EU is a mystery to me.

I have had quite harrowing exchanges with ordinary English Jews who are appalled by the waves of Muslim migrants who have turned major English cities from safe havens for Jews into dangerous poo holes.

Why don’t the likes of Berkow and Letwin care about the wishes of their own people. In fact, why don’t they care about the British people.

Have they forgotten the leading role we played in taking down Nazi Germany? How would things have worked out for the Jewish people if many Poms hadn’t made enormous sacrifices?

Just a few years prior, we made similar massive sacrifices and took down the Ottoman Empire in WW1. When the dust settled, we made plans to hand Israel over to Jewish control for the first time in 2000 years.

The Jewish people didn’t get everything they wanted in that deal. The British had made promises to the Arabs who had fought with them to bring down the Turks.

There were lots of competing interests at that time, but the Jews still got the basis of the current State of Israel thanks almost entirely to the British.

We never expected a thankyou card for any of this but when the likes of Berkow and Letwin are desperately trying to hand control of Britain over to a German dominated Europe, I have to question the wisdom of their position.

They aren’t the only British Jews opposing Brexit and mass Islamic immigration as this article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency shows:

I really think that the mainstream Jewish community in Britain is backing the wrong horse on this one.

Talk about turkeys voting for Christmas. Perhaps I should send them a copy of my book so they can see what the Muslims have in store for them if they ever get chance to take over.