Tasmanian Labor leader Rebecca White has come to her senses and is now saying that her party’s past alliances with the Greens were a “mistake.” She has vowed that Tasmanian Labor will never again share power with them.

Rebecca apparently grew up on a farm at Nugent and says she knows “what makes rural communities tick,”

Sounding suspiciously like Mark Latham, she explained “People want to be able to put food on the table. They want their kids to be able to get a job. They want safe and reliable roads. They want an ambulance to come if they have to call one….”

“And they want to be able to enjoy their own backyard — whether that means going for a fish, camping out in a swag or spotlighting for a few kangaroos.”

It sounds like now might be a good time for her to be talking to Pauline or Fraser about her future political career.

It has taken a while for the smart ones in the Labor party to realise what the Greens actually stand for.

I have to admit that I was sucked in too, at first. I supported the Greens before they were elected to Parliament. I think that looking after the environment is really important.

Brown the Green protesting Hydro-Electric power

I thought the Greens believed that too. Some of them may do. Once elected to Parliament however, they immediately began agitating against the American alliance and capitalism.

They loudly advocated for refugee rights, drug decriminalisation and a whole gamut of far-Left policies which had nothing to do with the environment.

I realised then that the environment was simply the sheep’s clothing and never had any time for them since. Even if I had felt sympathy for their other policy platforms (which I didn’t), I saw them as completely dishonest.

Brown the Green protesting coal power

As Rebecca White has pointed out, in the ‘80s they were against hydro power with Bob Brown calling for a coal fired power station to be built in the Fingal Valley.

In the ‘90s they opposed the undersea cable to provide for power shortfalls. Today, the Greens are opposed to wind farms before they even have a chance to be assessed.

Brown the Green opposing wind power. If only we could find a reliable and incessant source of hot air…..

It seems as if the only power they are in favour of, is political power.

OK, here’s the thing Rebecca, have a look at the make up of the Greens in the Federal Parliament. We had at least one Communist, and one Muslim.

No one in the Green party has shown the slightest disapproval of this situation and so we can assume that the Greens are accomplices to, if not willing supporters of, these creeds.

So, what are the core principles of these ideologies? Well, in its foundational texts, Communism insists that its adherents destroy their society by any means possible. Once that is done, their leaders can rebuild it as a dictatorial secular workers’ paradise.

The core Islamic texts insist that their followers destroy their society so that they can rebuild it as a dictatorial theocratic religious paradise.

So far, these two groups have been happy to cooperate in the first goal, and then duke it out to achieve the second.

In Persia and Afghanistan, the Muslims have been successful, in Russia and especially China, the Communists have been the winners. How this could pan out in the future is anybody’s guess.

Unfortunately, genuine, caring Left-Wingers have been duped into believing that these ideologies actually had the best interests of the people at heart when in fact, all they want to do is trash the joint and seize power.

What a shame they aren’t exposed to news sources like The Richardson Post which is determined to explain the reality of the situation.

If they were, they might have worked this stuff out ages ago and saved us all a great deal of heartache.

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