Dear All,

I hadn’t realised that there were a number of you who hadn’t yet received your blue ribbons yet. I spoke to the Devil about that and got Nurse Ratched on the case and she tells me that all is pretty good at this stage. If you are still waiting for a ribbon, please go back to Viv’s article CAN COMMUNISM SAVE OUR ENVIRONMENT? and scroll to the first comment by Nursie.

Leave a reply and she will try to fix it up for you. She is not quite up to Satan’s standard which means that there have been a couple of slip ups and someone’s pet cat got annihilated. Hopefully once the Devil gets back, he can fix that one up.

In the meantime, I have been working behind the scenes to create a way to give the donors something quite special. It is nearly ready so watch this space.

There is also the case of a missing article. I didn’t post it, neither did I see it. I presume it was the Devil’s handiwork, so I don’t know what happened. If there is a choice between a conspiracy and a stuff up however, it is usually safe to bet on the stuff up.  We are both fallible and the site is pretty secure, so I doubt Mossad or the NSA are to blame.

Thank you all for your patience. We are doing our best to build up The Richardson Post but of course everything takes time. We have only been on the new platform for a few months but already things are coming together.

Thank you once more to those of you who donate. Due to the large number of site users, those small donations are multiplied and make a huge difference. I will try to keep on top of making sure that you all have ribbons.

Thanks to your generosity of our donors, we are able to look at steps which will increase our credibility and appeal. Hopefully it will also increase our reach and influence.

If you don’t get any joy emailing, try letting us know in the comments and I will have Nurse Ratched look out for it.