I don’t know how this guy does it. He walks on a stage and speaks for 40 minutes. He has no notes. Not a single um.. or er…

Every word is exactly crafted for maximum effect.  Writing a speech like that would take weeks. Does he remember every word, or does it all come from the heart? He either has a very large brain, or a very large heart. Perhaps he has both?

Talk about #Awkward however. Watching the revolting dictators squirm was pure gold. Trump sure knows how to twist the knife and he doesn’t take a backward step.

He stood for the people of the world, for religious and sexual minorities and told them all that the future does not belong to globalists.

You could have heard a pin drop.

I’m not a fan of bending rules or making exceptions to the Constitution, but if there was any way we could get a third term for Trump, I’d be on board.

He’s not just making America great. Trump 2.0 will be trying his best to make the World great again.

Mafia moll Pelosi and bartender AOC want to impeach this guy. Good luck with that one girls.

Go Donald!