With the announcement of Tommy Robinson’s (now delayed) tour of Australia, all the usual suspects have come out of the woodwork, with all the usual boring and predictable outrage.

Barely pausing for breath, and without the slightest hint of the irony involved, they are now demanding that Peter Dutton defend our borders at all costs against this deadly threat.

#IWillWetMyBedIfTommyComes is trending on twit feed and Gender-fluid Refugee Dwarfs Against Fascism! are staging a rally in Nimbin which both of them are likely to attend.

Tommy Robinson has been pressuring the police to do their job and put a stop to grooming gangs; so of course these groups feel justified in protesting violently.

Student groups from Melbourne are convinced that if the police clamp down on grooming gangs that everyone will pull on jack boots and try to invade Poland or something (check with their Gender Studies teachers for full details).

Then, there is the Lakemba branch of the Amalgamated Taxi Drivers and Trolley Pushers Union which is deeply concerned that if the police actually do clamp down on grooming gangs, that they will have nothing to do on school nights.

Of course, there are the usual bunch of white boys with dreadlocks and tattooed lesbians who are just happy to make an arse of themselves for a couple of bags of weed and a return bus ticket from some old guy with a dodgy Hungarian accent.

Midnight Express? That’ll do nicely!

But there is one group protesting whose motives are not at all clear. Dr Dvir Abramovich, who is the head of The Anti-Defamation Commission of B’nai Brith has once again stepped up to the plate to defend that other Middle Eastern religion; whose adherents believe that they cannot go to heaven until they or their co-religionists have murdered every last Jew.

Why would he do that?

The Muslim migrants that The Anti-Defamation Commission have been so keen to import into Australia, haven’t shown a great deal of gratitude to the Jewish community. A proposed synagogue in Bondi was recently rejected due to the very real risk of an Islamic terror attack.

As yet, there haven’t been any large-scale attacks committed against the Jewish community by Jihadists as has happened frequently abroad. However, if The Anti-Defamation Commission get their way and we continue importing these people, it is unlikely that this happy state of affairs will continue for much longer.

On the subject of Tommy’s upcoming tour, Dvir opined that:

On Robinson, Dr Abramovich said it was “alarming that a far-right extremist and white-nationalist” was planning to visit Australia.

“Allowing an individual, whose group has engaged in threats and incidents of violence with police, and who through fiery rhetoric and race-baiting promotes religious bigotry and vilification, would be a mistake.”

Let’s just pull this fiery rhetoric apart a little……….

Firstly, Tommy isn’t “far right” unless you define “far right” to mean opposition to open borders which is a ludicrous proposition.

Secondly, Tommy’s “group” never endorsed threats or acts of violence. If some of his supporters did so, it was completely at odds with everything Tommy Robinson stands for. Dr Abrahamovich should know that.

You may also remember Dvir’s outburst when Sonia Krueger suggested that importing large numbers of Muslims might not be such a great idea. Sonia rocketed to fame after playing the dance diva in Strictly Ballroom.

Dr Abramovich said: “I am dismayed and concerned by this misguided and outrageous statement. Sonia Kruger’s call to ban Muslim immigration to Australia is deeply offensive, irrational and unacceptable.”

“Banning anyone from entry to our country on the basis of their religion goes against long-standing Australian values of respect, inclusivity and religious freedom.”

“Such singling out and demonising of Muslims is counterproductive and will only serve to foment fear and hatred. As we face the threat of radical Islamist terror, we must avoid falling into the trap of blaming individuals and communities.”

“Our nation is strengthened by diversity, and it is crucial that all leaders stand united in combatting any manifestations of bigotry and prejudice.”

Er? Really? I don’t even know where to start with this pile of verbal tripe but just taking one small point; If we don’t blame individuals and communities for Islamic violence, then who do we blame? Drop bears perhaps?

And why are the mainstream media always so happy to publish such ridiculous opinions as if they were the kind of thing that sane people would actually agree with.

As Richardson Post regulars know however, there is nothing unusual about this kind of garbage. The Green party, universities and most of our press are full of idiots who believe rubbish like this; so why pick on the Anti-Defamation Commission?

Well, it is true that lots of other groups don’t believe that Australians should be allowed to limit the influx of Muslims into this country and don’t believe that Australians are entitled to have their own homeland. The main difference is that the other groups are consistently radical; they think that all borders around the world should be open; to Muslims and everyone else. 

On its website, the Anti-Defamation Commission has some sage advice on the subject of Israel and Muslim immigrants, such as these little gems:

“The overwhelming majority of Jews support Israel and believe in the need for a Jewish homeland. Opposing this right means treating Jewish people differently from other people, therefore anti-Zionism is often identified as a form of anti-Semitism.”

“…criticism of Israeli policies or actions often merges into dehumanisation and delegitimisation and results in the denial of the basic rights of nationhood to the Jewish people.”

“History teaches us that Jews have been victims of persecution in times and places where they are in the minority, including throughout the 20th century in most Arab countries. It is naïve and dangerous to believe such a situation will not occur if Israel is taken over by a growing Palestinian population.”

“Like all countries, Israel has the right to secure its borders and not allow in outsiders.”

Israel’s sensible border policy isn’t criticised by the ADC. Just Australia’s

Now, maybe it’s because of my background as an engineering tradie, but I’m a bit of a stickler for logic and consistency. If you don’t use these two principles when you are building an oil refinery, it tends to blow up or fall down.

Call me naïve but I thought people with PhDs would feel the same way about logic and consistency, especially when they are so eager to accuse everyone else of using “rhetoric.”

Whatever the reason, I just think it would be nice if this major Australian Jewish organisation would treat Australia like they treat Israel. If they did, I think we could all sleep rather safer in our beds at night.

So why don’t they? Well, I can only speculate, but I suspect that the key is in the phrase: “History teaches us that Jews have been victims.”

Yes, absolutely Jews have been victims. Long before Dvir Abramovich was born of course; but they have most definitely been victims many times.

But so has every other race. I am English and relatively speaking, I reckon we did pretty well thanks to the fact that we lived on an island and exercised our “basic right of nationhood”.

Despite this, the murderous Italians turned up with their legions and invaded us. Their version of Trump even had to build a wall to keep out the Jocks who didn’t wear any; though they didn’t try to make the Jock’s pay for it. Then the Danes came raping and pillaging and had the cheek to call it “Dane Law”.

After they left, the bastard Normans conquered and oppressed us. We had endless wars with France, often lasting for decades. Then there were the Spaniards, the Catholics, the Protestants and the Catholics again.

And don’t talk to me about getting gassed by Germans. Years ago, my Nana owned a shop in Hastings on the South coast of England. She had a steady clientele of men who bought snuff. Most of these were ex WW1 veterans who had copped a lungful of mustard gas and fortunately (perhaps) survived. Snuff was the only thing that gave them relief from the constant agonising irritation in their lungs that they carried to the day they died.

During WW2 as a little girl, my mother spent many nights, cowering under the kitchen table while bombs dropped all around. They had screaming whistles built into the tail of the bombs to terrify the population. It worked.

“It would sound like each one was hurtling directly for our house,” she told me. “Then, when it exploded somewhere else, you felt a wave of relief, quickly followed by a wave of guilt that someone else had probably been blown to bits.”

I don’t know how many English were killed by the Germans, or how many they wanted to kill. Maybe they would have liked to wipe us all out. Yet Mum never claimed to be a victim and I certainly wouldn’t.

The English did more than their fair share of bastardry and oppression too, but that isn’t my fault either. All races have been victims and all races have carried out oppression, even Jews.

Jews were active in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. There is even a belief by some that America’s oldest synagogue was built by a Jewish slave trader. This is a bare faced lie of course. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the slave trader who did the building. He may have provided “motivation”- but laying bricks in the hot Newport sun – probably not.

That was a long time ago, and far away. But closer to home, there was the case of Dr Isaac Steinberg.

Now you might not know who Dr Steinberg was, but Dvir Abramovich should. He is listed by the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies as one of the people who founded their organisation. (Dvir Abramovich appears to be a good friend of the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies. He is quoted frequently on their website as they are on his).

That isn’t why Dr Steinberg is famous (infamous), however. Prior to helping found the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies, he was the Minister for Justice in his native Russia in the first Government of Lenin.

Contrary to what our sanitised history books would tell you, Lenin and Trotsky were only slightly lesser bastards than Stalin.

Stalin, Lenin, and Trotsky at the Eighth Bolshevik Conference in March, 1919.

Their Government not only murdered much of the Russian ruling class, they were murdering Kulaks (relatively successful Russian peasant farmers) and desecrating Christian churches, straight out of the starting gate.

I’m not saying that the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies are responsible for those atrocities, but before these organisations go looking for violent extremist skeletons in Tina Sparkle’s closet, they might want to poke a flashlight around their own broom cupboard.

Trying to figure out who is the biggest victim and who is the biggest oppressor is a stupid game.

The politics of victimhood can be beneficial for gaining power in the short term. In the long term, however, it is destructive to the entire society.

Have a look at Zimbabwe. It was once the most successful nation in Africa. Previously known as a bread basket, it is now known as a basket case. How many people have starved in this recently blighted country thanks to idiots pandering to the victim narrative?

To my knowledge, Jews have never been victims in Australia. You could argue the absolute opposite in fact. They are amongst the richest, most successful and influential community. Half of our top ten richest people are Jewish. Not bad for fewer than half of one percent of the population.

Australians are more than happy about this. We appreciate their strong work ethic and high IQ. Companies they found are hugely beneficial to the nation.

Aussies have always given the same welcome to everyone. Come on in, have a go and grab a beer but leave your baggage behind in the old country. The past is the past.

Unfortunately, many Jewish philosophers, thinkers and writers have been mired in this mindset of victimhood and grievance. Whilst this may have been understandable in 1880s Russia or 1930s Germany, it is still toxic and destructive.

The first country to make anti-Semitism a capital offence was the Soviet Union thanks to Trotsky and the other Jewish Bolsheviks I expect. Within a few decades however, the Soviet Union became a gigantic prison for Jews as well as for everyone else.

Radical Jewish philosophers, thinkers and writers of victimhood like Karl Marx, Jacques Derrida, Theodore Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse, Susan Sontag and others have done nothing to advance society, only to pull it down.

Susan hated racism
Unless it was against White people of course.

On the other hand, I have the greatest respect for the Jews of Israel who reject victimhood and have carved out a tiny but viable country and have fought ferociously against real aggressors who want to massacre them.

There are plenty of patriotic Jews too, in Australia and elsewhere. Without the enormous help from Ezra Levant, Tommy Robinson would probably be rotting still in a British prison cell (I’m ashamed to say).

Tommy with Ezra Levant

Avi Yemeni is fighting tooth and nail for traditional Australia and highlighting the problems presented by the Sudanese down in Melbourne.

My dear departed friend Rosie and her wonderful husband almost burned themselves out trying to highlight the idiocy of Third World, and particularly Islamic, immigration. Then, there are all the hard-working guys at the fabulous “Nothing Left” radio show in Melbourne. I could go on and on.

These guys get it. They understand that white people have just as much right to be patriotic as Jewish people. Unlike the Jewish Board of Deputies and the Anti-Defamation Commission, they understand that patriotism for white people is not an imminent precursor to National Socialism.

In addition to heading up one of the largest pro Jewish organisations in Australia, Dr. Dvir Abramovich is: “Director of the Program in Jewish Culture & Society at the University of Melbourne and holds the Israel Kipen Senior Lectureship in Hebrew Studies. He served as president of the Australian Association of Jewish Studies and was editor of The Australian Journal of Jewish Studies. He is the author and editor of three books. His latest publication is Hebrew Classics: A Journey Through Israel’s Timeless Fiction and Poetry.”

Dvir’s entire career appears to be based on promoting the interests of his own people, yet he accuses Tommy Robinson of being “an extreme white nationalist” for standing up for his own people. Tommy is fighting for English school girls who are being raped and sold as sex slaves in their own country in large numbers.

I would stand up for those girls too. Does that make us just like Hitler? We love our people just like Dvir does. Those two ideas aren’t mutually exclusive. People can love their own people without hating others, just as we can love our own children without hating other people’s.

Tommy is also a supporter of Israel. He was charged with assaulting a Neo-Nazi and often (unfairly) gets called a “Zionist shill”.

Tommy with his good friend Avi Yemmeni

It is very unfair of The Anti-Defamation Commission to be so critical of traditional Australia. Jews do better in white Anglo countries than anywhere else on earth.

Dvir seems to forget that is was White Australia and White Great Britain that freed Israel from Muslim control at great personal cost and promised it to the Jews. It was White Australia and White Great Britain who spearheaded the defeat of the Nazis, again at great personal cost.

Where are the Middle Eastern Jews today, where are the Asian Jews, where are the African Jews? Jewish people have never been particularly welcome in those countries. So why try to deny the “basic right of nationhood” to the majority population in a white country where Jews have always done so well.

Why did the NSWJBOD provide free lawyers to the African community to sue Professor Andrew Fraser in the famous case where he had warned about Africans causing crime and other problems.

In the 1970s, according to their own literature, the Board were tracking anyone they thought might be a threat to the Jewish community. I can understand how some of these groups would cause concern.

There was a movement of neo-Nazis in Sydney who would dress up in uniforms and hang Swastika flags around. The Board not only kept tabs on this group, they named all three of them. I expect that there were probably more than that, but in the ‘70s there was no fascist nation on the planet and no mass movement anywhere.

In contrast, Communism ruled one third of the world’s people. The Soviets were financing and equipping the Arabs in their quest to genocide Israeli Jews into the Mediterranean Sea.  Australia had Communist sympathisers in unions, universities and political parties and unlike Australian Nazis, they wouldn’t have all fitted into my living room.

Communists marching in Australia

Yet the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies weren’t interested in Communists. Instead they were keeping tabs on groups which were opposed to non-White immigration.

They were especially suspicious of the League of Rights and monitored them closely, giving estimates of their yearly budget and areas of influence. The League was admittedly suspicious of the organised Jewish community and thought that they might be watching them.

They also apparently felt that the Jewish community was hostile to White interests and had an inordinate amount of political power.

This was intolerable to the NSWJBOD who called up the two major political parties in NSW to demand that they put an end to this Free Speech malarkey.

The politicians immediately agreed and the legislation, which was drawn up by the NSWJBOD (according to literature on their own website) was presented to the NSW Parliament by Labor leader Bob Carr and supported by the Liberal Premier Nick Greiner.

The legislation was quickly adopted by Victoria and WA. After a big push by the JBOD, a similar version was adopted by the Federal Labor Government. It wasn’t as strong as the JBOD had proposed – they wanted “anti-Semites” to go to jail without so much as passing go – but it was still damaging enough.

The legislation was to be administered by the newly formed Human Rights Commission. This was initially headed by Marcus Einfeld who was a former director of the World Jewish Congress.

The Human Rights Commission has been hostile to white Australians since its inception, as if its real purpose is to keep the natives from revolting while they get replaced wholesale. Its most famously controversial decision was against pro-Jewish and pro-Israel commentator Andrew Bolt.

Bolt had written an article lampooning people of white appearance who were claiming to be black. As it turned out, it was Bolt who was the idiot, because if he had pretended to be black, I’m quite sure the Human Rights Commission would never have laid a finger on him.

Jews are over represented in the legal profession, so it was probably a coincidence that both the Judge and the Prosecutor were Jewish. However, the judgement was outrageous in my opinion because it trampled on Bolt’s actual human right to express an opinion- even if he is white.

Later on, there were the memorable prosecutions of white students who dared to protest being shut out of a computer lab on racial grounds and of course, the hounding of Bill Leak to an early grave for daring to draw (literally) attention to dysfunctional families in Aboriginal communities.

When the Richardson Post’s Paul Zanetti tried to pursue blatant anti-white comments however, the HRC refused to have any part of it.

When Tony Abbott attempted to overturn 18C, he met fierce resistance from a multi- ethnic pressure group reportedly spearheaded by the Jewish Lobby. So, who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed in this situation?

In promoting the Human Rights Commission and 18C the NSWJBD are oppressing Australians who welcomed them. They claim to be trying to stop people hating Jews. Does anyone seriously think their actions won’t do the opposite?

In the UK, Tony Blair gave the immigration portfolio to Barbara Roche, a Jewish lady who held extreme multicultural views and opened the floodgates as wide as possible.

This led to Labour relying on Islamic votes and the consequent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader who is a good friend of Hamas and Hezbollah and the most anti-Semitic British party leader ever. Nice work Barbara, talk about shooting yourselves in the foot.

I don’t know what they are thinking, but many on the Left hate Jews and if they continue with current activities, there is a risk that people on the right will start to dislike them too.

If they think this will be compensated by the gratitude of the Third Worlders they are insisting that we import, then they haven’t been paying attention to the vibrancy in Australia, Britain and elsewhere.

I have Jewish friends in the UK who are appalled at the changes that Barbara Roche helped to implement and are literally terrified at their situation now. It is these policies that led directly to Tommy Robinson fighting against Jihadists who should never have been allowed into the country. There is simply no justification for it.

Why are organisations such as the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies promoting the same failed policies as Barbara Roche? It is not fair to the Australian people let alone the Australian Jewish community.

Scott Morrison proposed moving our Israel embassy to Jerusalem. I applaud this decision. It will however, cost Australians considerable good will from our Muslim neighbours.

In return for this favour, perhaps Morrison should ask for a quid pro quo – that Israel reel in these extremist Jewish activists who are attacking traditional Australians and English people like Tommy Robinson who have done them no harm.

It doesn’t seem right that Australia shows loyalty to Israel while that country is cosy with people who hold us in contempt.

After all, Israel is more than cosy with Australian Jews. They see them as part of their nation. Zionists – Jewish nationalists – care about their people wherever they live, which is understandable.

And most Australian Jews are Zionists. They feel an attachment to Israel. This has concrete effects. For example, Jews anywhere in the world have an automatic right to Israeli citizenship. It’s called the “Law of Return”. Greece, Armenia and Germany have similar laws. Anyone who has at least one Jewish grandparent can book a one-way flight to Tel Aviv.

Given that close connection, it is unacceptable for Israel to enter into close ties with Australian Jews who work against our national interests. It is unacceptable that they let them come and go and accept their philanthropy.

Long ago Israel’s ambassador in Canberra should have been told of the government’s displeasure. Instead, our leaders fawn and grovel.

Australia and Israel are both nations whose national identities are very different to most of their neighbours. We both need to control our borders, or our identity and domestic peace will vanish.

For many years Australia has stood up for Israel in our dealings with Arab countries. We don’t have friendly relations with Israel’s enemies. Why does Israel not reciprocate? 

If Israel doesn’t tell the Jewish diaspora to behave itself and show loyalty to Western nations like Australia, sooner or later Israel will lose support from the West, either from an aggrieved European population or their hostile Muslim successors.

Lots of Australian Jews are hard working and very productive. They produce useful goods and services for all of Australia, not just grievances and victimhood.

I think that Dr Abramovich, the Anti-Defamation Commission and the New South Wales Jewish Board of Deputies should consider doing the same.

Alternatively, they could migrate to Israel, put on a uniform and start defending Jews from actual murderous anti-Semites.