Bloody Hell, it would be about time if he did.

Several groups have engaged in extreme protesting methods lately. Foremost among these is Extinction rebellion who we wrote about HERE:

Now, one of the great things about this country is the right to protest peacefully about anything you want. That is part of free speech – which is a big part of what the Richardson Post is all about. We are happy for people to protest, even if we don’t agree with them.

However, “peaceful protesting” means just that. Forcefully disrupting other people’s legitimate activities is not peaceful protest – it is coercive and illegal.

Before embarking on a protest, it has always been a requirement to consult with the police and authorities.

Organisers need to do this to ensure that protests do not disrupt or endanger either protesters or innocent bystanders.

Waving a flag at someone or speaking your mind to them is one thing. Stopping them from getting to where they wish to go through force is quite another.

One woman was on the TV news, because she was unable to get to the house of her mother who had just died. That should be a wake-up call for us all.

This is where the double standards have been extreme in recent times. Not just around Australia, but around the World.

Government Bias Threatens Democracy Itself

Anyone wanting to organise a Right-wing event has been expected to jump through hoops. Meanwhile, those on the Left of politics have been given open slather.

So, while Conservatives are ensuring that their events meet every criterion asked of them, feral Lefties have been free to turn up and attack them, pretty much with impunity.

You may remember the event in Melbourne where Stephan Molyneux and Lauren Southern spoke.

Left wing protesters attacked the event – and yet the police had the hide to charge the organisers of the event $68,000 to protect them from the protesters. As far as I know, none of the protesters were charged – either financially or legally.

There never seems to be any penalty for these Left-wing protesters who are let off without conviction or the lightest slap on the wrist.

Blatant and shameless political bias makes a mockery of the Rule of Law and is undermining the very foundations of our society.

This rot runs right throughout the Civil Service, from the police, the corrupt Judges and barristers and all the way back up through the State and Federal Governments.

Our elites are stoking violent protests on the Left of the political spectrum. Meanwhile, anyone with Right wing or Conservative viewpoints is trampled under their totalitarian, “humanitarian,” Jackboot.

We are refused our God given right to free speech for which our forefathers shed so much blood. We are silenced, or even jailed, in the name of “Tolerance.”

In reality, of course, there is no tolerance for anyone – except those on the extreme Left of the political spectrum.

In Australia, every entity larger than a Lemonade stand has a mission statement which trumpets their commitment to tolerance.

Yet we all know that expressing distaste of sacred cows like multiculturalism or unusual sexual preferences will be the end of your job, and possibly your freedom. Just ask Tommy Robinson.

Is it any wonder then, that society is becoming dangerously polarised? Our leaders don’t have the slightest respect for free speech or the rule of law.

Why then, are they surprised when their citizens despise them.

Conservatives are Just Gutless

The problem is, that while Left wing Governments constantly promote this behaviour, Conservative politicians are too gutless to wind it back again. Even the most hard-line Conservative ministers have Chiefs of Staff who are foaming Lefties.

Meanwhile, Conservative staffers are sacked the moment a Labor Government takes office.

Morrison is talking about passing new laws to target these protesters. Why doesn’t he start enforcing the laws we already have? And why does he suddenly want to act now? is it because his mining buddies are becoming targets of these people.

These protesters have figured out that the Government is too gutless to protect citizens. Consequently, they believe that if they create enough mayhem – and cost everyone enough money – that the Government will buckle to whatever demands they make.

The fix is simple. Start charging violent or disruptive protesters in full for the damage or costs they inflict. Enforce this. If they can’t pay, then jail them and have them sewing mail bags or breaking rocks. Take their wages until the bill is paid and then release them.

Do this, and the protests would be over by the weekend.

If people are not held to account for their actions, then society will break down. This is a core Government responsibility.

Morrison is taking baby steps in the right direction but I reckon Dutton would have been a far more decisive leader. What a tragedy that he missed out on the top spot thanks to that loser Malcolm Turnbull.