Big fish eating little fish

How Big Tech Controls our Information

The following video is long. Watch it, then watch it again and take some notes. Information is power and this amazing whistleblower is showing us all how evil elites are using big technology companies to control us and probably ultimately enslave us.

This might sound like a conspiracy, but after listening to this insider talking, you will realise that it isn’t.

In this interview he makes the following points.

Firstly, these companies make most of their money from selling your data to Governments.

They also get massive amounts of public funding from these same Governments. They lie to congressional enquiries to the faces of elected politicians and face zero consequences.

Meddling in elections is commonplace, varying from interference to outright rigging of information.

Who is controlling censorship at Google?

The Anti Defamation League (ADL) directs much of the censorship of information on both Google and Facebook.

As I have said before, this is entirely inappropriate. The ADL is an ethnic advocacy group. If an identical group were advocating for the interests of White Europeans, the ADL would refer to them as White Supremacists.

Part of their justification for controlling the world’s information is to counter conspiracy theories that powerful Jewish organisations control all our information. How is that supposed to work? It does nothing but spray gasoline on that particular fire.

Google is so large and powerful that it can buy up large companies in any sector and make sure that they are successful by skewing all search results to their own subsidiaries. This a serious anti-trust violation which is being ignored.

At the end, the whistleblower delivers the good news. As people are waking up, these tech giants will be broken up or thrown on the scrapheap of history – but only if people like you spread this information around.

Let’s hope that President Trump is on to this. I suspect he is, but he needs our help. Keep passing this information on.

Go to there is lots more you can do.

We Can Beat the Censorship

Finally, this video is on a platform called Bitchute. This platform is a direct competitor to YouTube. It is not controlled by the ADL, Governments, or big Technology companies. It is what YouTube used to be.

Your ISP will probably not allow you to watch any videos on Bit Chute. Do you still think this is a conspiracy?

It will not be a problem if you took our earlier advice and got yourself a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

If you are prepared to allow your information to be controlled by our elites because you don’t want to spend a dollar a week for total privacy and unrestricted browsing, then you haven’t been paying attention.

There is, however, another way if you really are that hard up. If you can already access on your device with your particular internet provider then, of course, you can skip this step.

What you need to do is to change something on your computer/phone which is called your DNS address.

On your phone, simply get an app called and have it running while using BitChute in your favourite mobile browser (My favourite Browser for BitChute is called Brave).

On your PC or Mac, you can change your DNS address manually by following the instructions in this link:

So put an hour or so aside when you won’t be disturbed and enjoy the show.

(I’ve had to post a link as it won’t embed. The Devil may fix this later)